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6-20-2020 Even More Clue Scroll Rewards!

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Zexivan edited a massive 58 osrs clue scroll items by editing our normal 634 items and recoloring them.

New Clue Items

  • Bronze trimmed armour
  • Bronze gold-trimmed armour
  • Iron trimmed armour
  • Iron gold-trimmed armour
  • Steel trimmed armour
  • Steel gold-trimmed armour
  • Red beret
  • Black trimmed wizard robes
  • Black gold-trimmed wizard robes
  • Monk trimmed robes
  • Monk gold-trimmed robes
  • Leather body and chaps gold-trimmed
  • 5 new headbands
  • Mithril trimmed armour
  • Mithril gold-trimmed armour
  • Pink elegant clothing
  • Gold elegant clothing
  • White, Red, and Navy cavaliers
  • Pink, Purple, and White boaters
  • Black skirt (t) and (g)
  • Adamant skirt (t) and (g)
  • Blessed d'hide boots (6 variants)
  • Blessed d'hide shields (6 variants)
  • All Black heraldic pieces
  • All Adamant heraldic pieces
  • All Rune heraldic pieces

Rewards with better look

  • Gilded med helm
  • Gilded sq shield
  • Gilded chainbody

Thanks again to Zexivan for recoloring the boaters, headbands, cavaliers, trimmed and gilded monk robes, gilded coif, and gilded vambraces

Other news:

  • Fix Herblore cape not noting Lantadyme herbs and others
  • Made Yrsa, Barker, and Gabooty Cosmetic stores available to ironman
  • Fixed issue with buying items with the noted option in shops and not receiving anything

Previous Update Summary:

  • New Client - fixed issue with client frame size for higher versions of java like java 11
  • Special attack energy recovers 5% every 25 ticks (10% every 30 seconds) same as osrs/rs2. It was 20 ticks before.
  • Fix Collection Log tab total amounts double counting items
  • Clue caskets are untradable again
  • Fixed special attack energy not recovering when switching to a weapon without a spec
  • Cleaner code for prayer system
  • Fixed Piety not giving strength bonus
  • Sokoll added some ┬árunes and items to Ironman store

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