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Updated list of improvements 8-28-2018

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Hello Loyalty Members!

    I will be writing out as much of the content as I can, these are all the updates done ! these are suggestions/bugs that you guys have submitted and has helped improved our game play! if you have any more suggestions/ bugs please post on the forums so we can see them and update the game instantly! here is the list ! and thank you for your LOYALTY!



-Fixed a bug where ::accuracy with magic had error and bugged combat

-Overloads added to boss point store for 3 boss points

-Check out bank...PLACEHOLDERS!

-Rejuvenation fountain at ::home

-rock crab drops ava's accumulator and potato/onion seeds

-banshee drops cabbage and tomato seeds

-bloodveld drops sweetcorn and strawberry seeds

-More combat changes and some bug fixes

-combat cape benefits removed

-Max cape/inferno max cape/comp cape have right click operate option when clicked to give an overload effect the same as the potion

-Many various improvements to combat

-toxic staff of the dead and chaotic staff both have 15% damage boost

make use of ::maxhit

-chaos gauntlets added to chaos dwarf as rare drop, wearing them gives +3 dmg to maxhit, good for ironman

-ags / bgs nerf ags was hitting 112s before in max gear now you can hit 90 maxhit ags at 203 strength bonus though and 125 strength level bgs 79

-Summoning npcs maxhit same as rs now, was far too high before

-Many bosses have much lower health now (same as rs or just lower in general)

-Added dragon arrow drop to wildy bosses, they drop 50 each but tornado drops 100 each

-added few more items to announce: elder maul, malediction ward, odium ward etc.

-tornado, mutant tarn, lexicus, unholy cursebearer give boss points now

-Inferno adze has been refunded to everyone with both the original cost from agility store and stardust (100 agility tickets and 750 stardust). It is now 12000 stardust and has a much faster burn rate, chop rate, mine rate (to be coded soon).

-Agile gear also refunded to every (60 tickets per piece) and increased to 300 tickets in shop. Agile set has 50% exp boost for agility.

-adze mining speed increased from 1.6 to 2.0

-dragon pick mining speed increased from 1.5 to 1.6(edited)

-fixed addy and mithril pick animations wrong way around

-max cape/infernal max cape emote

-dragon hatchet speed increased from 2.28 to 2.4

-inferno adze woodcutting speed increased from 2.5 to 3.0

-added heal to overload at the end of the effect (heals 50)

-Extreme pots for attack/strength/defence give boost of 22% + 5 rounded down (max 125)

-Extreme range pots give 15% + 5 rounded down (max 118)

-Extreme magic pots 11% + 3 rounded down (max 112)

-overload has same effect as all the extremes but last 5 minutes and gives a boost every 15 seconds for 5 minutes

-treasure island loot changed up a bit

-treasure island walking policy modified

-lexicus runewright bug fixed, he wasn't doing the phases properly due to shitty ruse coding after he died he would get stuck on whatever phase he was on

-Primal maul replaced with elder maul in dungeoneering shop

-Primal rapier replaced with drygore rapier in dungeoneering shop

-Salve amulet added to slayer point store

-Jail bug fixed

-Added Arcane stream necklace to ::lexicus drops

-dragon pickaxe weapon interface added

-Fixes tome of frost look and adds Launcher capability so we don't have to download clients manually on each update

-Morrigan's javelin and Morrigan's throwing axe drop 100 instead of 1 at chaos elemental.

-Chaos dwarf drops cannon pieces for ironman

-Lumberjack gear refunded

-Evil tree kindling store added at home to west

-Golden tinderbox gives 2x exp boost when lighting logs. Can be purchased for 12000 kindling.

-Lumberjack gear added to the kindling store. The full set (4 pieces) gives 50% more woodcutting exp

-Treasure Island key drops now 100%. Rare loot rate harder to get now.

-inferno adze now burns logs 50% of the time

-dragon pickaxe/hatchet retarded code of giving extra xp and logs randomly has been removed

-added cannon base to chaos dwarf drops 

-Alch value of cannon pieces reduced to 150k each, including shop value

-Agility cape/max cape/comp cape/infernal max cape gives unlimited run energy

-Lord marshal gear added to prestige point shop.

-Disco robes added to prestige point shop.

-Lit bug lantern added to trivia shop.

-Rogue castle resource area. Magic trees now give 2x logs rather than single noted logs to prevent afking.

-Woodcutting skill cape / max cape+ gives 25% chance of giving noted log instead of unnoted.

-Referral system gives message if the other player is offline (both players need to be online).

-Ranging skill cape now acts like regular ava as well.

-Scroll of knowledge xp boost increased from 30% to 50%. (They still last 30 minutes and are obtained from ::vote)

-Fixed withdraw all but one bug

-Added notification of items selling in your pos if you are online (not tested at all)

-Fixed super restores

-Withdraw all but one bug fixed

-Added twisted buckler to game (unobtainable atm).

-Added dragon hunter crossbow into the game. Hits 30% harder against dragons/wyverns (also unobtainable atm).

-Added notification to player if someone buys from their shop when they are online.

-Bank added to Treasure Island minigame

-extra row of home banks removed

-Added imbued god capes (needs work still)

-Added Trident of the Swamp

-Added Kodai wand (unlimited water runes not done yet)

-Magic prayers only increase accuracy like in osrs rather than damage -Void magic damage/accuracy boosts same as osrs.

-Many many changes to combat to follow the proper osrs/rs2 formulas mainly accuracy formulas worked on. ::accuracy

-salve amulet and salve amulet (e) fully added. Salve amulet gives 15% accuracy and damage boost to undead npcs and can be bought for 150 slayer points.

-Salve amulet (e) can be made by using Tarn's diary from ::mutant rare drop on regular salve amulet.

-Salve amulet (e) gives 20% damage and accuracy boost on undead npcs for melee/range/magic!

-Slayer helmet and full slayer helmet fixes. slayer helmet gives 15% damage and accuracy melee boost on tasks.

-Full slayer helmets and full coloured slayer helmets give 15% damage/accuracy boost on tasks for melee/range/mage.

-Free for All minigame added. Manually started by Patrick / Wownofaith.

-Thieving scimitar stall gives random scimitars with rarer chance for the higher level ones up to dragon.

-::togglegamechatspam command to stop repetitive game chat messages from sending. Let me know of ones that should be removed. I did the one for burning fish and a few random other ones.

-zenyte jewelery added to cache and the 4 enchanted items (needs model work and creation coded still). Tormented bracelet, necklace of anguish, ring of suffering, amulet of torture. Suggestions welcome for how zenyte’s should be obtained, they will be super rare though.

-Dragon hunter crossbow dropped by scorpia

-kodai wand dropped by lexicus

-kodai wand, trident of the swamp, dragon hunter crossbow, twisted buckler added to legendary mystery box rewards

-zbow added to nex. Idk why it wasn't there before

-evil tree reduced to 500 max kindling

-Hybrid donator gear (vanguard/trickster/battlemage) gives 20% attack and damage boost when worn in the full 5 piece set. -Some fixes to Free for All

-Fixed melee combat accuracy where it was using +3 style bonus on aggressive instead of accurate

-All links changed to new Client Launcher

-Trickster, Vanguard, Battle mage taken out of Ingame Donator shop, and added to the online ::Donate  STORE , as a package deal 120$ for all 5 items, * the whole set * , will also give 120 donated  towards your total amount donated 

many more! will update the list as soon as they come out ! please stay tuned for  the updates in the near future!  thank you ! 




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