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5-29-2020 Cosmetic Overrides

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-Cosmetic overrides. You can talk to Diango at home and put in equipable items that will show over your actual gear. This can be toggled by talking to Diango or doing ::co. Your actual items will be shown when in combat, in the wilderness or in pvp related scenarios.

-Banking cannon parts goes to correct tab in bank when player logs out, ty @smel my fish for reporting
-New Resizable solid chat background
-Fixed Npc Melee and Ranged maxhits being 10x smaller than usual
-Made all npcs retreat if they get too far from their spawn point
-Special attack energy shows in red now so it's easier to see
-Special attack energy recovery messages now also displays when you gain enough energy to do another special attack, e.g. shows 25% when you have dds equipped and go from 20% to 25%.
-Fix invalid gfx freezing client
-Add graphic on rare item drop
-Fix Free For All bug when player leaves the lobby and wins the ffa before it started
-Fix Zenyte amulet stringing
-Removed unused client variables
-Rewrote item on npc packet
-Improved code for bank booths and bankers
-Rewrote using items on bankers / bank booths to note/unnote them, works for everyone now, not just ultimate ironman
-Fixed a bug with non notable osrs items
-When opening client for first time it downloads cache immediately instead of asking you
-Item prices in cache for determining the ground item highlighting colors has been fixed. Many items had the prices of different items.

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