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5-14-2020 Combat Rework / Particles / Black Chins

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This is a HUGE Update with a rework of npc combat mechanics so combat is closer to the real osrs/rs2 experience and more balanced. NPCs now have proper stat levels (Attack / Strength / Defence / Ranged / Magic) and stab/slash/crush offense and defence bonuses among other things.

Quality of Life
-Clue nests aren't banked with wc cape so you have the option to complete them and are aware you can't get more
-Added Right click globe option for "Favourites" and "Recents" that takes you to those teleports for faster teleporting
-Page Up button puts your last entered message into the chat box for you (ty @Sirwinski for that awesome suggestion, it was only like 7 lines of code as well)
-Dwarf multicannon rotating sound is player specific rather than global

New Things
-Added Particles
-Updated our OSRS cache to the latest version (189): maps, anims, items, npcs, objects
-Updated our osrs item definitions to the latest osrs data
-Black chinchompas work as range weapon
-Added Black chinchompa hunting
-Dumped new osrs npc definitions. 
-Added black chinchompas teleport
-Added Baby chinchompa pet
-Added Baby chinchompa pet to collection log
-1/3000 chance to obtain Baby chinchompa from grey chins
-1/2600 chance to obtain Baby chinchompa from red chins
-1/2400 chance to obtain Baby chinchompa from black chins
-Added Baby chinchompa metamorphosis
-1/1000 chance of Baby chichompa to go golden when metamorphosing
-Added particles for all master cape

Combat Improvements
-Fixed Zulrah's attack speed. He has correct attack speed now, it was way too slow before
-Zulrah inflicts venom instead of poison
-Fixed Snakeling attack speed, was also too slow
-Vorkath big fire ball blast damage corrected to be like osrs, consistently deals high damage if you get hit
-Removed old npc accuracy and defense system.
-Rewrote combat maxhit and accuracy to be closer to osrs/rs2 formulas.
-NPCs now have attack, strength, defence, magic, and ranged levels as well as stat bonuses.
-Converted our rs2 npc definitions to new format. 86% of our attackable npcs' levels/stats are based on accurate OSRS npcs; the rest I did by hand.
-Stab/Slash/Crush now have separate accuracies against npcs. So now weapons attack styles are important in PvM.
-Many melee npcs now use Stab/Slash/Crush attacks against players. So now the different melee defences are important for PvM in addition to PvP.
-Added support for draining and boosting npc levels
-Levels restore/drain every 60 seconds now, was 78 before.
-NPCs levels restore every 60 seconds (1 point at a time)
-Dragon warhammer special attack works against npcs. Drains their defence level by 30% and is stackable.
-Statius' warhammer special attack works against npcs. Drains their defence level by 30% and is not stackable.
-Bandos godsword special attack reimplemented. It drains the opponent's combat levels equivalent to the damage hit in the following order: Defence, Strength, Prayer, Attack, Magic, Ranged. E.g. 50 damage on a foe with 30 in all combat stats would drain 30 Defence and 20 Strength levels (leaving the target with 0 Defence and 10 Strength).
-Verac's set effect reimplemented. Performs the gfx now. It has a 25% chance to hit ignore opponent defence
-Deleted old npc combat data code
-Simplified accuracy calculations and merged together code for players and npcs to be the same more often
-Dwarf Multicannon has maxhit of 30
-Dwarf Multicannon rolls against npc's ranged defence using your ranged accuracy if you are fighting with range or your melee accuracy otherwise
-Modified zulrah to support new combat system
-Migrated skilling buttons to the relevant skilling category on new teleport interface instead of dialogues
-Reimplemented following spells to drain levels correctly: Confuse, Weaken, Curse, Smoke rush, Saradomin Strike, Flames of Zamorak, Claws of Guthix, Vulnerability, Enfeeble, and Stun
-Added a simple Monster Examine Spell. This will help people figure out npcs' strengths and weaknesses to fight them more efficiently.
-Added Cure me lunar spell which heals poison (but provides no poison immunity)

Balancing and improvements
-Fishing prestiging base points increased from 1 to 3
-Edited stats of coloured full slayer helmets. They now have similar stats to the regular Full Slayer helmet with some minor buffs.
-Woodcutting / Fishing is 2x faster than osrs. (P.S. I hate you all)
-Woodcutting and fishing prestige base points set to 2
-Removed Nex as Slayer task as it is often too difficult as a Slayer task
-Raging goblin's temple wall does not get destroyed after he dies
-complexity 4 boss in dung gives boss points
-Defeating jad in fight cave gives 5-7k tokkul instead of 1-3k tokkul
-Fixed the Item noting system. This will fix a numerous amount of small bugs. The Collection log had a few items that didn't log before, such as yak-hide armour bottoms and void knight deflector. Lava battlestaff and Mystic lava staff no longer interchange when withdraw from bank as notes.
-Added noted rune gauntlets
-Rewrote teletab code. Teletabs only work in level 20 wilderness or below
-Added support for varying attack speed of npcs
-Can perform skill emotes with Master capes

Bug Fixes
-Disabled OSRS animation tweening as it's broken (blowpipe animation for example)
-Fixed Shift-Drop getting weird when using multiple clients at the same time. Sometimes you would have Drop option as the first click option on items that won't go away.
-Magma blowpipe naming fixed in some places
-Super antifires value set to 7000 gp per dose. They are now sellable to the general store
-Fixed Rich Presence not displaying logo
-Fixed texturing in resizable
-Fixed texturing in resizable. Picture shows before and after
-Chinchompas don't hit multiple targets in single combat zones
-Fix Hunter Brawling gloves giving con bonus xp instead of hunter
-Fix "comining" instead of "combining" typo in Omni Talisman staff ::iteminfo
-Fixed Dragon battleaxe special attack effect
-Fixed GFX offsets (e.g. dragon battleaxe was too high)
-Fixed a bug in preset loading

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