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4-20-2020 Tutorial and Item Info Update

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Highlights: Tutorial and ::iteminfo interface

-Summoning pouch creation is fixed. It highlights only what you can make and the shards required are visible again.
-Speak to the Town crier to complete the Tutorial. He will give you some tips and show you around the server.
-Added all 4 woodcutting teleports to woodcutting skill teleport
-Removed scoreboard south of edgeville as there is already one north of edgeville
-Making runecrafting talisman staves counts for the collection log
-Made Evil tree and Shooting star spawn message more noticeable in the chat box
-Fix Effigy using current level instead of base level
-Made prestiging/resetting Prayer giving you 1 prayer instead of 10
-Fix not being able to pickup cannon when you have enough inv space
-Fixed some parts of the venom effect. All 3 Serpentine helmets will inflict (25% chance) and protect from venom. 
-The Toxic staff of the dead / Toxic blowpipe inflicts venom with 25% chance and 100% chance when a Serpentine helmet is also equipped.
-Void Knight Deflector will count for Collection log. We have a bad system for getting noted and unnoted items of the same type that caused this issue and some more. I will need to rewrite this system soon.
-Kodai wand has a 15% chance of not consuming runes for offensive spells.
-Staff of the dead and Toxic staff of the dead have a 1/8 chance of not consuming runes for offensive spells.
-Added Cooking gauntlets as final reward to Gathering for Ingredients Quest. Please wait for the update before completing the quest. We will manually give out Cooking gauntlets for those that have already completed it.
-Cooking gauntlets give a 20% higher chance of successfully cooking food.
-Inferno Adze works even when not equipped
-Inferno adze has 1/3 chance to burn logs for the full fm xp of the log
-Coded Smouldering stone and Infernal pickaxe, harpoon, and axe
-Infernal axe has 1/3 chance of burning logs cut and gives half the fm xp of the log
-Dragon harpoon coded, 20% higher success rate than ordinary harpoon
-Dragon harpoon added to collection log and is dropped by Giant mole and waterfiends
-Barb-tailed harpoon has 10% higher success rate than ordinary harpoon
-Infernal harpoon has 1/3 chance to cook fish you catch giving half the cooking experience for the fish
-Infernal pickaxe has 1/5 chance of smelting ores you mine into bars for half the smelting experience of the bar.
-Fixed Woodcutting and Mining animations for osrs axes/pickaxes
-Added support for adjusting line spacing between wrapping interface text
-Hybrid armor (Battle-mage/Trickster/Vanguard) is nerfed in Wilderness, has 15% instead of 20% for damage and accuracy boosts.
-Added 109 entries into the new Item Information interface jam packed with detail to help new and old players alike. ::iteminfo to open the Item Information interface.
-Redid parts of venom and poison code. Before they weren't working properly. Venom and especially poison occur more often and are more deadly than before.
-Fixed make 5 and make 10 options for Jewelry crafting
-Fixed Jewelry crafting showing gems instead of the product
-Fixed Jewelry Crafting interface
-Reworked Starter interface slightly
-Added Referral code entering on the Starter screen
-Added option to do the tutorial after you choose your game mode
-Added Rocktail Fishing spot to Wilderness resource area
-Fix close buttons on some interfaces not working such as the bank
-Added Keris to Bandit and Kalphite Queen drops
-Fixed bug with being able to continue cutting gems after you prestige crafting.
-Cash nerf from Wildywyrm, mega mbox, and donation boxes
-Increased value of logs so woodcutting is more profitable
-Increased value of bows and bow (u)'s so fletching doesn't lose money as logs are valuable
-The message you get when you add a new item to the collection log says what tab it is for

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