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Spindox Woodcutting Guide [Normal]

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How do I start the Woodcutting skill?

Level requirements and XP [Normal]

What is the Evil Tree and where do I find it?

Woodcutting shops


How do I start the Woodcutting skill?

Visit your skills tab and click on the woodcutting skill.


Once you've clicked the skill you will be given the following options:


If you visit the Low-level Woodcutting area you will have access to;

Wilfred's Woodcutting shop, Normal trees, an Oak tree, Willow trees and Maple trees.

If you visit the High-level Woodcutting area you have access to; 

Bank, Wilfred's Woodcutting shop, Wood Dryad (Kindling shop), Yew trees and Magic trees.


Level requirements and XP [Normal]





What is the Evil Tree and where do I find it?

The Evil Tree is just a tree you can chop down to obtain kindling. Kindling is a form of currency used to purchase items from the Wood Dryad - you can see more by scrolling down.

Visit your quests tab and you will see where the Evil Tree is currently located.

- Please note the destination changes throughout the day and you can obtain Evil tree teleports to get you to the location quicker! -



Woodcutting shops








Thanks for reading ❤️


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