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3-31-2020 Collection Log Update

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  • Preset loading don't mess with your placeholders anymore.
  • Faster bank code, rewrote somethings which made withdrawing items and other process takes over 20ms.
  • Fixed Karambwan combo eating, you can eat a karambwan instantly after a potion or food.


  • Snow works on osrs maps, previously it didn't work at home
  • Fix losing dungeoneering cape when leaving dungeoneering
  • Added fountain of rune into wilderness (north east of Callisto and south west of Chaos elemental)
  • Removed Fountain of Heroes
  • You can charge glories at the Fountain of Rune and there's 1/1000 chance of getting an Amulet of eternal glory
  • Added animation when charging glories
  • Abyssal Sire moved into Abyss and teleport updated
  • Prayer loading for presets fixed
  • Added animation when drinking from Ornate rejuvenation pool
  • You can cast spells within the proximity of the Fountain of Rune without using runes but you will not gain experience.
  • Finally Finally, Tomb of Frost, Kodai Wand, and Lexicus' journal give infinite * amount of runes in the client the same way staff of water works. Before it wouldn't highlight the spells even though you could cast the spells.
  • Fountain of Rune works with infinite * amount of runes in the client interfaces.


  • Added 16 extra rows to the ::drops table interface
  • The scroll bar in drops interface adjusts to fit the number of items shown
  • ::checkdrops npc name and ::whatdrops item name will automatically load the entry if there is only 1 search result
  • Wilderness resource area is accessible
  • Added health pet back to WildyWyrm loot
  • Avernic defender drop is announced (Dragonstone donator boss)
  • Transferred all pets receiving to the new OSRS pet giving system where it immediately follows you or goes to you backpack or your bank.
  • All pets received will be logged correctly to the Collection log
  • Added Dark claws to skotizo drop which can be used to color a Full Slayer Helmet purple like the other Full Slayer Helmet recolors (Abyssal head, KQ head, KBD head)
  • Added Smouldering stone to Cerberus drops (stone does nothing at the moment but will make infernal tools later on)
  • Added support for right aligned text in client
  • Collection Log is here! ::collectionlog or ::cl to open.


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