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Sock's Runecrafting Guide.

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Sock's Runecrafting Guide:


Items Needed:

Pure Essence (Available by mining at ::t > skilling > mining > mining essence

or by right clicking Wizard Distentor and selecting teleport.)


Talismans (Available from Wizard at ::t > skilling > runecrafting

or by clicking on the runecrafting skill.)



Beginning Runecrafting: 

Once you've acquired your essence and a talisman that you can use at your current runecrafting level.

You'll want to right click on your talisman and click locate:


You'll then be teleported to the altar associated with the talisman.

Once there all you need to do is click on the altar and you've made runes!


Beginning Siphoning:

Once you've reached 40 runecrafting you'll be able to begin siphoning.

To start siphoning, you need to teleport to the runecrafting area.


Once there you'll see two kinds of energy sources.

Click on whichever one you can siphon and begin:

Green Energy Source (Level 40):


Yellow Energy Source (Level 72):


You will take damage when you siphon these!

If you die just teleport back and keep going until 99!


Base Experience (Normal):

Air - Level 1 - 400xp

Mind - Level 2 - 440xp

Water - Level 6 - 480xp

Fire - Level 14 - 560xp

Body - Level 20 - 600xp

Cosmic - Level 27 - 640xp

Chaos - Level 35 - 680xp

Nature - Level 44 - 720xp

Law - Level 54 - 760xp

Death - Level 65 - 800xp

Blood - Level 77 - 840xp

Siphoning (Normal):

Green - Level 40 - 6,800xp

Yellow - Level 72 - 10,400xp



You will gain Energy Fragments by Siphoning.


These fragments can be used to purchase items in Wizard Distentor's shop.

Energy Fragment's Store:


Runecrafting Staff^ (Add a talisman to have an equipable teleport to an altar) - 1000 Fragments

Small Pouch (Stores 6 extra of both essences) - 50 Fragments

Medium Pouch (Stores 12 extra of both essences) - 100 Fragments

Large Pouch (Stores 18 extra of both essences) - 200 Fragments

Giant Pouch (Stores 24 extra of both essences) - 400 Fragments

Runecrafter Hat* (Blue, Green or Yellow) - 600 Fragments 

Runecrafter Robe* (Blue, Green or Yellow) - 600 Fragments

Runecrafter Skirt* (Blue, Green or Yellow) - 600 Fragments

Runecrafter Gloves* (Blue, Green or Yellow) - 600 Fragments




*Gives 50% exp boost when making runes and gives 25% chance of receiving an extra energy fragment when siphoning.

Runecrafter set consists of 4 pieces: hat, body, legs and gloves. (any combination of colors; doesn't matter for set effect).


^Once you've made all 12 Talisman staves, you'll be able to add them all together to make the Omni-Talisman Staff.

When siphoning you have a chance to receive any sort of rune. Plus 50% exp boost.



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