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General Knowledge Amour/Items

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Hi Team,

Tier 100 Armour (best in slot)

Trickster_armour_equipped.pngTrickster- Range & Magic Hybrid.

Vanguard_armour_equipped.pngVanguard- Melee & Range Hybrid.

Battle-mage_armour_equipped.pngBattle Mage- Magic & Melee Hybrid.

Tier 100 sets have a 20% Damage & Accuracy boost when full set is worn.



Void_knight_equipment.png10% Accuracy boost when full set is worn. Bonus varies with which helm/hood you use (Melee, Range & Mage).

Elite_void_set_equipped.pngElite Void - 12.5% full Accuracy boost when full set is worn " "

Full set required for bonus to take effect. (gloves included)



Agile_set_equipped_(male).pngAgility Set- Grants 50% bonus agility exp when Top and Legs are worn.

Lumberjack_clothing_(male)_equipped.pngLumber Jack Set- 50% Bonus Woodcutting exp when full set is worn.

Builder's_costume_equipped.pngBuilders Outfit- Each piece gives 10% when worn.

Runecrafter_robes_(blue,_goggles_on)_equipped_(female).pngRunecrafter Set -  Gives 50% exp boost when making runes and gives 25% chance of receiving an extra energy fragment when siphoning. Runecrafter set consists of 4 pieces: hat, body, legs and gloves. (any combination of colors; doesn't matter for set effect).


Omni-talisman_staff_detail.pngOmni Talisman Staff- All talismans combined into 1 staff. When siphoning you have a chance to receive any sort of rune. Plus 50% exp boost.

Inferno_adze_detail.pngInferno Adze- 50% chance of burning logs(giving Firemaking exp) while Woodcutting. Acts as Hatchet & Pickaxe in 1!

Ring_of_fire_detail.pngRing of fire- 30% extra Firemaking exp (Stacks).

Flame_gloves_detail.pngFlame Gloves- 30% extra Firemaking exp (stacks).

Golden tinderbox.pngGolden tinderbox- 50% extra Firemaking exp (not sure if stacks).

Magic_secateurs_detail.pngMagic Secateurs- 25% chance of more herbs (stacks with Skillcape)

Crystal saw detail.pngCrystal Saw- 50% more Construction exp when used (stacks with builder outfit).

Crystal_hammer_detail.pngGolden Hammer- 50% chance of not using bars when Smithing.

Brawling_gloves_(Agility)_detail.pngAll Brawling Gloves-  25% bonus in Set Gloves.



Dragonkin_(Dragon_Slayer_II).pngDragonkin Pet- Banks all drops automatically.

Treasure fairy.pngTreasure Fairy Pet- 10% drop rate boost.

Prayer.pngPrayer Pet- Replenish prayer points.


Scroll_of_knowledge_detail.pngScroll of knowledge- Grants x2 exp for 30 minutes.

Bonecrusher_detail.pngBoneCrusher- All bones buried when NPC killer, Giving prayer exp. Can be toggled to note bones.

Ring_of_vigour_detail.pngRing of vigour- Takes 10% less spec energy (Korasi takes 54% instead of 60%, Claws take 45% instead of 50%).

Ring_of_wealth_detail.pngRing of wealth- 5% drop rate bonus. Automatically adds gp to coin pouch from NPC kill.

Tome_of_frost_detail.pngTome of frost- Unlimited water runes.

Charming imp chathead.pngCharming impling- Collects all charms dropped by monsters.






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