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January updates

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What you see here is what has already been implemented into the server







Fixed player owned shops-Moved ironman store npc 1 square left, couldn't find him easily before for new players

-Fixed Giant pouch empty and check option being swapped / not working
-Fixed client problem with number key options still being enabled during Enter prompt, e.g. Account settings panel. I discovered a major flaw in the way the server stores object information which causes a few problems, main thing being the error message you get when interacting with certain objects. The server only supports 1 object per tile but there can actually be up to 5 objects on a tile of different types. So a tile I tested at home that doesn't work has the tree object and then a ground decor object and the server can only store 1 object so stored the decor object. When you try to click the tree in client, the server doesn't realize that tree exists. So I'll be rewriting some code to fix this and all objects should work afterwards
. -Found and deleted a corrupted map file -Now server stores up to 5 objects per tile so we can keep track of objects properly -Fixed all the "fake" objects that server detected which made some objects give an error message and these objects are now usable
-Rewrote object removal code so clipping is preserved as expected -Added support for removing objects of different object types
-Added more osrs trees to woodcutting data
-Coded ladders at Woodcutting guild -Added a utility to linearly interpolate chance of successfully receiving a skilling item from a resource using set rates and levels. In English: We can make the chance of successfully catching a baby impling at level 1 hunter 30% and at level 120 it could be 90%, between level 1 and 120 the success rate increases linearly.
-Rewrote runecrafting siphoning code to be cleaner and more efficient. -Runecrafting siphoning follows a more traditional runescape type of skilling, going to convert other skills to be similar. It used to siphon every 2-5 ticks. Now every 2 ticks it attempts to siphon and has a success chance to gain xp and fragments.
-Sacrifice your infernal cape for a 1/50 chance at receiving the Jal-Nib-Rek pet. Click the Fight cave to do so. -Added proper osrs style of receiving pets. Need to transfer the old code to the new one still.
-Added lava dragon npc and key drops to teleport interface -Added Redwood woodcutting
-Removed Advent calendar messages
-Rewrote woodcutting to be exactly like osrs. There will be very little deviation. However I fixed the bug osrs has with tick manipulation. (This involved a lot of research and tinkering)
-Added tree stumping. Normal trees stump always, redwoods stump with 1/11 chance, all other trees stump with 1/8 chance. -Added Woodcutting guild teleport -Added redwood firemaking
-"Added" middle mouse movement. I went to add it and realized we already have it  . You can hold the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) and move your mouse to adjust camera view angle.

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