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Updated WildyWyrm Guide

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Hey guys Jaesick here,


I figured I'd make an updated guide to the WildyWyrm. Please keep in mind, as the name states, the WildyWyrm is always in the wilderness past lvl 20 wilderness. This means you cannot teleport until you are below lvl 20 wilderness. It is a dangerous boss since it can hit hard if you either get too close, don't flick prayers, or have the wrong prayer on. He can easily 2 or 3 hit you if you're not careful. Anyways, without further ado, here we go.


WildyWyrm.pngDude's ugly.... lol

So first off, make sure you are at least level 70 ranged(obviously higher is better) and use AT LEAST a rune crossbow(i would prefer you use Armadyl crossbow or better though) with Dragonstone Bolts (e). This will give you a much better chance of landing hits. Wear the best gear(Armour) you can wear honestly and that should be good enough. When it comes to prayer, you want to make sure you have Magic Protection, Ranged Protection and Melee Protection prayers. Melee not so much, but it's nice to have. Melee Protection is used if you have to get up close and personal with this thing, which is almost never. You can stay safe enough back where you won't get melee'd.


See below examples for item's to use : 

                                                Pernix Gear \|/                                                                             Morrigan's Gear \|/                                                            D'Hide Armor \|/

image.png             image.pngWithout axes's              image.png                                                                                       

                                                                                         Rune CBow     \/                                   Armadyl CBow     \/                                      Chaotic CBow    \/

                                                                         image.jpeg          image.png          Image result for chaotic crossbow


Ammo : I really wouldn't use anything other than these.





You honestly don't need too much in your inventory to effectively kill the Wyrm. An inventory of 10 Saradomin Brews/Monkfish/Rocktail and 10 Super Restores is all you need. Below i will show you why you don't need much in your inventory and why not to worry about taking too much damage.


                 Super Restore \|/                           Saradomin Brew \|/                                    Monkfish \|/                                                                       Rocktail \|/        

image.png             image.png               image.png                           image.png


How to Effectively Kill WildyWyrm :

Before even getting close to the WildyWyrm, make sure you start off with Protection from Ranged on immediately. This will prevent most, if not all, damage from the start. Stay a few steps away from him so he will not melee you. as long as you are at least 3 steps away, he cannot melee you.

WildyWyrm says 3 sentences:

"I am going to Smash you!" - This means he is about to melee you and you WILL take some pretty good damage. This is why i was saying to stay back and away from this dude.

"I am going to Shoot you!" - This means he is going to hit you with a ranged attack. He mostly does ranged attacks anyways.

"I am going to Blast you!" - This means he is going to hit you with a Magic attack. AS SOON AS YOU SEE HIM SAY THIS, YOU NEED TO FLICK TO YOUR Protect from Magic PRAYER IMMEDIATELY. HE WILL DO SOME PRETTY DIRTY DAMAGE IF YOU DON'T FLICK.

Drops :

WildyWyrm drops some good stuff; including Blood Money. As I am releasing this guide, Blood money is $100k-$150k per coin and he normally drops anywhere from 300-675 coins per kill upon my experience. He will also drop A LOT of items that can be sold in the General Store for a really good cash grab. Most of the items he drops are noted and come in the hundreds! You'll make some pretty dang good cash here. On average, without selling the Blood Money i get, I make around 10m-20m per kill. Not too bad. This boss isn't as hard as some people make it seem. Just make sure you flick prayers at the right time, wear your best gear, use your best cbow/BlowPipe and bring the food and restore items I recommended above. You can easily solo if you pay attention, but know, if you kill in groups, it WILL NOT effect your drops. That's good! You can have 50 players kill this thing and all will get what you would've gotten if you solo'd. Below is a list of RARE drops you can also achieve from Wyrm besides noted items 


Dragonkin lamp

Steadfast boots

Glaiven boots

Ragefire boots

Charming imp

Fighter torso

Fighter hat

Ranger hat

Berserker ring (i)

Seers' ring (i)

Warrior ring (i)

Archers' ring (i)

Amulet of fury

Abyssal whip

Ring of life

Ranger boots

Dragonfire shield

Zaryte bow

Dragon defender

Staff of light

Dark bow

Abyssal vine whip

Pet WildyWyrm

Pet WildyWyrm

Pet WildyWyrm

Vesta's longsword

Morrigan's coif

Morrigan's leather body

Morrigan's leather chaps

Zuriel's hood

Zuriel's robe top

Zuriel's robe bottom

Zuriel's staff

Mystery box

Statius's full helm

Statius's platebody

Statius's platelegs

Statius's warhammer

Vesta's chainbody

Vesta's plateskirt

Ring of the gods


Amulet of fury (or)

Barrows - dharok's set

Barrows - ahrim's set

Barrows - guthan's set

Barrows - karil's set

Barrows - torag's set

Barrows - verac's set

Bandos boots

Legendary Mystery Box


I really hope this helped and makes it easier for you to kill the WildyWyrm! My IGN is Jaesick so make sure you message me with any questions or comment below. Thanks a lot for reading this guide and have a good day.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Jaesick-----------------------------------------------------------------------

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