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Girth's Construction Guide

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This is the fastest method from 1-99 Construction. It's not the cheapest and will cost in the region of 50m.

If anyone finds any quicker methods, please comment below. 

A word of warning: at Level 95, do not make a Crystal Throne in the Throne room, you will spend nearly 15m on 15 Magic Stones in return for 30k xp


To start Construction, speak with the Estate Agent West of the Edgeville Bank to open his store


Buy 20 Planks and 20 Nails then enter the portal next to the estate agent


Once inside you house click on one of the white doors and it will bring up the following menu


Select Parlour then select to build a chair (Build chairs until Level 10)


At Level 10, Build a Dining Room and build which ever table you can for your level. 


At Level 61 I would recommend making Gilded Benches until Level 80. (This is the most expensive part)



Once you have reached Level 80 you will need to make a Portal Chamber 


Make Marble Portals from 80-99




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