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Official Rules of LoyaltyScape

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-Maximum of 3 accounts can be logged in.
-Multi-Logging at one boss isn't allowed and will be warned / Jailed if caught.
-Bug abusing will result in being Jailed. Bugs should be reported to higher staff members. If you are unsure if something is a bug, or gives an unfair advantage or rewards, it is safer to inform a staff member in case it is considered a bug.
-Flaming or disrespecting players will not be tolerated.

-Real world trading or purchase of any 3rd party to gain an advantage is not allowed and will result in an account being banned.

-No trading OSRS gold for in-game gold/items, or vice versa, no trading Loyaltyscape Gold for Real world money, OR OSRS gold/items will be punishable.

-Staff Impersonation is not tolerated.
-Boosting pk points is not allowed.

-Luring players into wilderness is against the rules and a ban able offence.
-Leeching Mini-Game points (MULTI-LOGING MINIGAMES), or Afking in a on going game is not allowed.
-Racism or religious remarks to player or staff will result in being muted.
-Encouraging other players to break rules will not be tolerated.
-Advertisement of any other Private Server will result in an instant account ban. (This also includes mentioning other server names.)
-Safe Spotting is not allowed. Exceptions are if the npc can only hit with one attack style and protection prayers would stop all of the attacks.
-Spamming in general chat or Help Clan Chat will result in a mute.
-Multi-Logging in the Wilderness is against the rules.
-Auto clickers, scripting software, botting software, or any third party software used to gain an advantage in the game or that causes disadvantages to other players or disturbance is not allowed. Video recording software is allowed.
-Scamming players in any aspect of the game is not allowed.

-No account sharing of any kind. Either directly, through teamviewer or any other remote access.

-Duels/Dueling stakes must be done using the dueling screen to ensure that each player fairly wins the proper item, or must have valid proof of the rules of the duel and the proof of not being paid.

-Staff members with the rank of  ADMIN or above  can not Duel/Stake/PK/GAMBLE anywhere in the games, due to possibly having spawned items that was not earned, and they can not be entered into the eco... they are only allowed to participate in the ::ffa minigame! however.... if they have an ALT account  that does not have spawned items / or was given free items.


Please note that if any of these rules are broken then you can make an appeal by clicking "Submit a Appeal" and it will be dealt with by our staff team.

Thank you 

-LoyaltyScape Development Team


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