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WildyWyrm Guide!

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This guide will give you all the info you need to kill the tankiest boss in Loyaltyscape.

WildyWyrms drain your stats over time so make sure to bring super restores and ranging potions.

Here is my inventory.



Always pray ranged when fighting them.

WildyWyrms can spawn in various locations such as Bone Yard, Spider Hills etc...

They Spawn in multi areas so be careful of pkers and bring items you are willing to lose. 



Each trip can earn you around 30 -100 million gold as well as a super rare chance to get a special drop!

This is the loot from  just 1 trip!


After selling all drops, I have made over 75 million gold!


Goodluck everyone and stay safe in the wilderness! ?

Please feel free to post a screen shot of your loots from WildyWyrms down below!

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Needs to be updated sort of. Wildywyrm will say things like "I'm going to smash you!" When it says this quickyl change prayer to the right style for the next hit then go back to protect range which is the best prayer and there is a multi-range attack that hits without warning. 

Smash - Melee

Shoot - Range

Blast - Mage

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