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Raging Goblin Guide

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Hello, everyone and welcome to my guide for Raging Goblin!
In this guide, I will be breaking down all info necessary to kill this boss, requirements, what he drops, and any other important information.
Let's get started, shall we?

1. Requirements:
Skill requirements to repair the wall:
Mining: 10 (Required to mine Limestone.)
Crafting: 12. (Required to craft Limestone into Limestone Bricks.)
Construction: 30 (Required to repair the broken/temple wall.)
Item requirements:
Pickaxe, Chisel, and Hammer.
It is not required to use the wall in order to attack/kill Raging Goblin, but it is highly recommended.

2. Limestone Bricks:
Once you have achieved level 10 Mining, you can find Limestone rocks located at Raging Goblin teleport.
Once you have achieved level 12 Crafting, you can use a chisel on the Limestone to turn them into Limestone Bricks.
Once you have achieved level 30 Construction, you can use these Limestone Bricks (along with a hammer) to repair the wall around the Raging Goblin.

3. Wall:
The wall is a key piece in defending yourself from Raging Goblin's damages.
The higher and wider your wall is built, the less damage Raging Goblin does to you when he smashes (more on that later).

The wall is separated into 15 different sections and each section can be built 10 layers higher.
A fully built wall consumes 150 Limestone Bricks.
Since Raging Goblin is not aggressive, you can build the wall completely before fighting it.
The wall will be completely destroyed upon each kill of Raging Goblin.

4. Raging Goblin:
Health: 5000.
Aggressive?: No.
Recommended Attack Style Against Goblin: Range.
Goblin Attack Style: Range.
Drops: Bones, Noted Limestone Bricks x40, Hammer of Rage, and Golden Hammer.
Recommended Food: Shark +.
Recommended Potions: Saradomin Brew, Ranging, Super Restore.

First thing to be aware of before challenging Raging Goblin is that protection prayers do not work against it.
Raging Goblin has 2 different ways of attacking you.
The first way is by throwing a projectile at you from distance.
The second, and more dangerous, attack form is when he misses 3 times in a row with his projectiles, he will smash the ground.
Once he misses that 3rd time, you need to run as far as possible away from him.
This is also where the wall you built around him will come into play.
The more layers you built on the wall =  less damage you receive from his smash attack.
This smashing he does can reach anywhere you are on the map.
If you are within the temple/wall or are within 3 tiles away from the temple/wall entrance when he smashes, it will be an instant KO to you.
It is recommended to be at least 4 tiles away from the temple/wall entrance so you won't instantly die from his smash.
So, basically, bigger wall = less damage. (Only when you aren't in KO zone.)

5. Rare Drops:
Golden Hammer:
This rare item gives a 50% chance of not consuming bars when you are smithing items.

Hammer of Rage:
This rare item is very unique.
This hammer has +30 crush accuracy.
Every time you miss an attack, the damage dealt, or your max hit, keeps increasing until you hit your opponent again.
For NPCs, each miss adds 35 to your max hit, and for players it adds 25 to your max hit.
However, damage does stop increasing after 4 consecutive misses.
Un-equipping, dying, or being out of combat longer than 20 seconds resets your miss streak and max hit as your rage dwindles.
This hammer also does about 125 damage to NPCs and about 100 damage to players.

Well, that concludes my guide on Raging Goblin!
If you have any questions, comments, and or concerns on my guide, please feel free to message me.
I hope you all have enjoyed this guide and good luck on your loots!

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I consider myself to be quite the critique when it comes to guides and man, this guide is perfect. It gives all the information down to the T, great guide man I'll definitely be using this once I'm ready to take on this boss.


10/10 guide

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