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Updated list of improvements 2-08-2019

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Hello Loyalty Members!

    I will be writing out as much of the content as I can, these are all the updates done ! these are suggestions/bugs that you guys have submitted and has helped improved our game play! if you have any more suggestions/ bugs please post on the forums so we can see them and update the game instantly! here is the list ! and thank you for your LOYALTY!


  • 160 Npc Drops updated to help the longevity of the server and the playtime
  • Added new animations and GFX's to  candy cane,  powdered wig, flared trousers, sleepy cap, pantaloons
  • worked on the drop rarity of  the charm system
  • fixed a banking bug
  • fixed the portals at the runecrafting alters ( two of them were bugged, 1 is fixed, the other one will need a new client update )
  • added  value/ alch value to alot of clue scrolll / chest items, if there is more needed please let us know!
  • fixed the thoks sword in dung, should be primal 2h now 
  • we are still working on getting proper and updated models on the items  and their gfxs 
  • Pat has done alot of work on zulrah,   trying to get  decent zulrah thats not copy and paste 
  • updated  diamond zone cave ( will need a new client  push to be open up ) 
  • added npcs to diamond zone and fixed up the zones a tad, will need a new client to be pushed, ill be working on dragonstone zone next! stay tuned 
  • now that im done with all the drops, im working on advertising more , been playing with photoshop trying to get us a good  image to catch players eyes! we have created a LoyaltyScape Facebook page ! 
  • Zulrah (beta stage but still very much done)
  • New charm drop system ::whatdrops charm name. We used the rs2/rs3 charm drop rates and the charms are a separate drop role from the main ::drops table.
  • Fixed runecrafting portals
  • Added x, y, z model translation support so we can adjust model positions more precisely
  • zombies at GWD  lower legs should  be normal, please let me know  if they arent fixed 
  • Void npc at  Pest Controll  GFX should be fixed
  • Infernal mages should  walk properly
  • New client  that will auto download  when you re-load your launcher, please pm me if youre having problems,
  • new drops for all 160 npcs 
  • fixed the lever teleport animations 
  • made improvements to the ::diamond zone, added some npcs and  expanded the zone a tad for more improvements later on, and  added to the  cave at diamond zone, added some dragons and gave the terror dogs drops,  that now include the limited  flared trousers- that has an  osrs emote   only available currently  at diamond zone
  • added emotes to the following items : 
  •         powdered wigs 
  •         flared trousers
  •         sleeping cap 
  •        pantaloons 
  • removed a ton of random ladders in the edgville wilderness.
  • added the proper ladder  at level 10 wilderness hill 
  • Rewrote items data file slightly
  • Improved Equipment bonuses, shows +'s for stats, no .0's, now has magic damage and ranged strength bonus which was previously always showing 0
  • fixed hundreds of female model offsets for weapons and shields and will continue to do so
  • Added staff of the dead. 
  • All non-donator bought toxic staves of the dead (tsotd) are changed to staff of the dead and were put into banks.
  • Changed drops for gwd bosses
  • Added magma and tanzanite mutagen to zulrah drops
  • Magic fang can be used on trident of the seas to make trident of the swamp
  • Magic fang can be used on staff of the dead to make toxic staff of the dead
  • Christmas event was on server by default, rewards are being worked on and will be enabled shortly. The christmas event is to talk to santa at home, and then kill the yeti's around the game and collect 200 snow balls to give to Santa.
  • kin colours fixed (not really, needs more work)
  • Clipping fixed in many maps. Walking around home should be correct now, before you'd take weird paths.
  • https://i.gyazo.com/1d0e648ba7b7dcfeddf98a136c037fe9.png
  • https://i.gyazo.com/f2608088a8b8798560e7b2497e0a0770.png
  • working on the christmas 2018 event
  • Fixed blood money model look for the stack of 25 to 99 coins
  • Fixed more female model offsets and dragon chainbody shoulders fixed
  • Snowballs have a fun operate option now, login in kill some yeti's and try it out
  • Completed santa pet
  • Slayer ring for GWD slayer task teleports you outside the door, bypassing the killstreak
  • Longbow and shortbow can use iron arrows
  • Adamant darts are tradeable
  • Fixed dragon chainbody shoulders
  • Unholy cursebearer teleport fixed
  • Boss points added for slash bash
  • Donator zone point message tidied up
  • Stealing from stalls message added to ::togglegamechatspam
  • Dragonbone spirit shield stats improved, basically a better dfs now
  • Fixed Master Capes to have stats now.
  • Fixed Master cape offsets
  • Cutting evil tree will stop every now and then to prevent afking
  • made  an Iron Man Tab on hiscores, so you can now see who is the best  Iron man Grind on LoyaltyScape 
  • https://i.gyazo.com/77846246b608986e0b0c07157a9e30f5.png
  • Combat update - worked more on range combat to be more realistic
  • Fixed ALL enchanted bolt effects according to osrs/rs2
  • Toxic blowpipe includes accuracy of darts now
  • More model offsets done
  • Blood money inventory model fixed
  • Fixed prestige points dupe. Anybody who did abuse can pm me now and will not face consequences. I have logs that I will go through later to find out.
  • Stun effect added. Dragon spear and zamorak spear's shove special attack added. There is 5 tick stun (3 seconds) and a 1 tick immunity afterwards. You cannot stun npcs that are larger than 1 square or bosses.
  • Thrownaxes added
  • Attack speeds of some weapons fixed
  • Attack speeds fixed again. There was some additional code in another place that modified speeds and was subtracting 2 ticks instead of 1 for some rapid styles. All speeds should be working now, please let me know otherwise. Twisted bow is considered a longbow like osrs wiki says and it has 3.6 second speed on accurate and 3 seconds on rapid. Blowpipe speed for pvp is only thing I'm aware of that needs to be done.
  • Christmas event now gives rewards. 300 snowballs are needed for all rewards, but you can get a reward at 100 as well. You can exchange 100 snowballs for any of the 3 rewards: candy cane, santa costume, santarella pet. You can only obtain one of each reward.
  • Hand cannon rework. The special attack has been reworked and attack speed fixed.
  • More speed fixes for special cases. 
  • Blowpipe speed works for pvp now like osrs (1 tick slower in pvp)
  • Added proper attack speeds for:
  • dark bow (slower)
  • hand cannon (slower)
  • dharok's greataxe (slower)
  • tzhaar ket-om (slower)
  • granite maul (slower)
  • crystal bow (1 tick slower)
  • godswords (1 tick faster)
  • barrelchest anchor
  • saradomin sword (faster)
  • staff of the dead (faster)
  • toxic staff of the dead (faster)
  • ancient staff (faster)
  • abyssal bludgeon (2 entire ticks faster same speed as whip now)
  • karil's crossbow (same speed as shortbow now - 2 ticks faster)
  • Transparency and vanguard legs fixed for next client and cache update
  • OSRS models are in the cache now and are being used when needed for osrs items. I have transferred all existing and a few new osrs items to use those models. We now have the chance to fix all the other models that were overwritten by osrs data and also customs. 
  • Few bug fixes and minor changes here and there. 
  • Fixed Town crier asking for you to enter pin for changing game mode when you have already entered pin.
  • Fixed Vanguard legs model
  • Fixed transparency for black colours
  • Updated client sided prices and item bonuses
  • Fixed up inferno a very small bit, assigned the existing strategies to npcs, healers should heal and not kill the boss. Inferno needs a big rework in the future, but is functional, albeit very hard (or I' m just very bad at doing it).
  • Combat code cleaned up
  • Jad boss combat cleaned up for visuals of attacks and timing of hits
  • Crafting jewelry is added for rings, amulets, and necklaces!
  • For donator zone points, the treasure fairy pet and dragonkin pet are now 1,500,000 donator zone points instead of 5,000,000. 
  • Zulrah magma phase hits twice with melee now instead of once.
  • Wownofaith populated Falador with npcs
  • Fixed and modified kill tracker to use the npcs that give boss points as the bosses to log, previously it used anything above 200 hp. 
  • Moved archer in dungeoneering that was on  a crate to a better position.
  • Fixed osrs models
  • Added Mask of REEE. Fun model that Lumplum made after I suggested it to him. 
  • Mask of REEE is in donator store for 10 donator points. Operate option does a random emote and gfx signifying some angry frustration.
  • https://i.gyazo.com/d2c3989b891a54ea289903a0804c8fc5.gif
  • Augury gives 25% magic level boost instead of 22% like OSRS
  • Varrock has been updated with all npc in the correct spots.
  • -Fixed ::whatdrops itemname duplicates. The list was being added to instead of replaced when developers reloaded definitions.
  • New cache with multiple changes. 667 items replacing 625 items. 525 objects that were overwritten by osrs models have been restored. 
  • OSRS models, animations, and gfx added.
  • Demonic Gorillas added
  • Demonic Gorilla drops added
  • Demonic Gorillas added to boss teleports
  • Zulrah has proper gfx added
  • Removed hard coded maps from cache
  • Fixed zulrah, cerberus, inferno, and kraken maps
  • Free for all zerker and pure stats are no longer maxed stats
  • Free for all is singles again to prevent double teaming which isn't fun or fair
  • Death-touched darts capped at 500 damage each (5000 on x10 hits)
  • Death-touched darts added to inv and a msg appears when you use them on ineffective npcs such as the tzhaar bosses, jad, zuk, as well as wildy wyrm and nomad
  • Demonic gorilla
  • Demonic gorillas are powerful creatures found in the Crash Site Cavern. Two of them are fought during Monkey Madness II, in the penultimate stage of the fight. After the quest is completed, more demonic gorillas can be found in the caverns alongside their tortured brethren. 
  • You can find info on them here
  • Pray switching by watching their animations is required, as well getting out of the way when they do the animation for throwing the boulder.
  • They drop ballista pieces as well as the zenyte shard, which can be used on a cut onyx to make an uncut zenyte. In the next update I will add zenyte jewelery making but for now, you can trade an uncut zenyte for any of the four different enchanted zenyte jewelery: 
  • Tormented Bracelet
  • Amulet of Torture
  • Ring of Suffering
  • Necklace of Anguish
  • Zulrah clipping is fixed and some other places. So the zulrah snakelings will be able to attack you and move around correctly.
  • With a big update comes big bugs. Unfortunately there has been a few and I will try to fix them as quickly as possible. So here's the first.
  • Fixed items on objects. So bones on altars will work now among other things.
  • Fixed maps that were bugged
  • Added toggle option for snow in settings (Ctrl-S shortcut to open)
  • Fixed inferno boss and zulrah, both are now attackable from anywhere
  • No longer gain exp in Free For All arena
  • Changed Zerker FFA equipment (tent whip and avernic defender + elder maul)
  • No rocktails dropped in ffa on the last kill that ends the game
  • Character models fixed
  • Bonecrusher has option to note bone drops (config option to toggle)
  • Added many more item stat requirements to wield (all bronze to rune items should be set now)
  • Added operate effect to 5 staves: penguin, cat, wolf, dragon, and bat
  • Fixed the various dragonfire shield operate effects and charging
  • Redid poison effect to be like osrs/rs2. Poison hits every 18 seconds, 1/4 chance to inflict poison with melee, 1/8 with range, serp helm and its variants stop being inflicted by poison. All antipoisons have the correct immunity timers added to them. 
  • Added full weapon poisoning: daggers, spears, hastas, bolts, darts, knives, arrows, javelins. For (p), (p+), and (p++).
  • Fixed some special attacks
  • Added avernic defender support to enhance dragon defender (actual item will be released at a later date)
  • Fixed various weapon interfaces
  • Fixed Tzhaar-Ket npc
  • Fixed Cerberus being difficult to attack
  • Smoke spells poison correctly
  • Coins deleting when adding too many to trade fixed (was done previously but not mentioned)
  • https://i.gyazo.com/e8b1571058ee26107b9f81f438ae2b50.gif
  • https://i.gyazo.com/dbf2e47cecd7641afdf9719d96b3efdb.gif
  • Fixed dfs having no cooldown
  • Added epic new free for all mode! Random Box mode
  • Dragon warhammer nerfed. Now it is the same as osrs, before it had a ridiculous +117 strength bonus instead of +85 by the previous owners. Uses 50% energy now as well.
  • All Experience is no longer bugged and has proper osrs/rs exp
  • Experience is now tracked with 1 decimal place like rs
  • Some minor visual bugs with goals fixed
  • Maximum number of exp drops increased from 2 to 4
  • Dungeoneering exp drop fixed
  • Prestige points scale with exp mode: Normal: 1x, Medium: 2x, Expert: 4x, Professional: 8x
  • Any prestige points your account had have been scaled accordingly
  • Some game messages visually improved 
  • Spiritual Ranger in zammy gwd boss room moved
  • All pets are untradeable
  • King Black Dragon Boss teleport fixed (clicking it doesn't bring up demonic gorilla)
  • Added Imbued version of tyrannical and treasonous ring. These are the same as the imbue on the ring of wealth. The stats are unchanged but the 5% drop rate boost is added when worn. To make them it requires the ring, a ring of wealth, and 10M cash. 
  • ::xprate and ::xpinfo command to give experience multiplier info
  • death cape bug fixed
  • fixed dungeoneering xp. That should have remained the same but part of the conversion was incorrect resulting in it being almost 10x slower
  • fixed prestiging skills giving 0 prestige points
  • correct dragon chainbody dropped from dust devils fixed
  • voting reward fixed
  • Level requirement bug for rune arrows and avantoe potion (unf) fixed
  • Zammy ranger is for sure out of the boss room now
  • https://i.gyazo.com/d1c32948b3b7fbe77cf12c66ec37534a.png
  • HCIM now have a hiscores ranking, to see who is the hard core grinders, keep reporting these bugs/ suggestions so we can continue to improve ( i'm still working on an img for next to the hiscores names )
  • Tyrannical ring (i) and Treasonous ring (i) now give the 5% drop rate
  • Abyssal whip value reduced from 25m to 5m
  • Amulet of fury value reduced from 12.5m to 7m
  • Dragon hatchet value reduced from 8m to 4m
  • The best hatchet/pickaxe is used out of your equipment/inventory for woodcutting/mining instead of the worst one now
  • Agility tickets xp and message fixed
  • Agility pipe in wildy agility course gives correct xp (10x too much before)
  • Barbarian agility course entrance pipe coded
  • Wildy agility course level req reduced from 55 to 52 to match rs
  • Fixed wrong iron hatchet given with smithing
  • Bolts made with smithing are now the (unf) version not the completed one
  • Bronze bolts make bolts not dart tips now when smithing
  • Reworked the entire smithing interface, Rebuilt the code from scratch. Much neater and more efficient now.
  • Added all smithing items that are in osrs
  • Also added pickaxes to smithing
  • Removed pickaxes from ironman store
  • Pick-up option on pets is now the 2nd option instead of 1st
  • Pets are no longer lost when picked up with full inventory
  • Fixed Gadderhammer attack animation
  • Ranged maxhit formula fixed
  • Dragonkin lamp xp fixed
  • Effigy drops are more rare
  • Using bars on the anvil will open the interface for that bar
  • revenant models, walk and stand anims fixed
  • Added ::mypos command added to support rank
  • Hard core ironman don't lose their rank in safe minigame deaths: Free for All, Last Man Standing, Inferno, Nomand, Fight caves, Fight pits, Save pvp arena, Recipe for disaster, Pest Control, Dungeoneering, and Construction
  • Fixed mithril and adamant pickaxe mining animation
  • improved inferno adze woodcutting anim
  • ::droprate command added to show you're drop rate modifiers
  • drop rate modifiers are now additive instead of multiplicative (results in tiny buff of combined drop rates) 15% + 15% + 5% + 5% gives a 40% drop rate. Before it would have given a 34.794% drop rate. 
  • added dragon hatchet to evil tree kindling store for 3000 kindling
  • Ironman can now sell to general store but not buy from it
  • Added bronze pickaxe back to ironman store (woops)
  • dragonkin lamps fixed also
  • https://i.gyazo.com/b150eef3a18a64f8708216e2b3dd64d7.png
  • nex drops noted rune plate body's now 
  • staff of the dead will give chat shot out  upon drops
  • adamant ore will drop noted now 
  • drygore drops will give shout outs in the chat box now
  • Added ::mypos command added to support rank
  • Hard core ironman don't lose their rank in safe minigame deaths: Free for All, Last Man Standing, Inferno, Nomand, Fight caves, Fight pits, Save pvp arena, Recipe for disaster, Pest Control, Dungeoneering, and Construction
  • Fixed mithril and adamant pickaxe mining animation
  • improved inferno adze woodcutting anim
  • ::droprate command added to show you're drop rate modifiers
  • drop rate modifiers are now additive instead of multiplicative (results in tiny buff of combined drop rates) 15% + 15% + 5% + 5% gives a 40% drop rate. Before it would have given a 34.794% drop rate. 
  • added dragon hatchet to evil tree kindling store for 3000 kindling
  • Ironman can now sell to general store but not buy from it
  • Added bronze pickaxe back to ironman store (woops)
  • Rewrote smelting with better code
  • Rewrote superheat item, gives both magic and smithing xp now, use on coal for steel bars, iron for iron bars. Everything else works as expected.
  • Fixed mega mystery box name and examine and removed stackable item number client sided
  • Faster xp rates: x10, x20, x40, x80
  • Updated starter dialogues to tell new xp rates
  • Trying to equip master capes with under 200m xp tells you that you need 200m xp, not 2b xp. 
  • Fixed scoreboards to use correct experience scaling across modes for the Scaled Experience Scoreboard
  • Fixed two part body models from osrs having a weird bug with a random third model being added
  • New master cape models
  • Added ::droprate commmand to ::commands list
  • Finished Donation Boxes. These are more op than I'd like but oh well :)
  • Clean torstol used for overload making
  • Can use dragon warhammer on bandos door to get in
  • Added Hammer of Rage. With each miss your maxhit increases until you hit damage. Maxhit stops increasing after 3 misses and the misses resets if you die, unequip the hammer, or are not in combat for over 20 seconds. 
  • Added Golden hammer. With the Golden Hammer you have a 50% chance of not using bars when smithing. 
  • Added custom Raging goblin boss that drops Golden Hammer and Hammer of Rage.
  • Mine limestone, use a chisel on it to make bricks and build a temple around him to protect you from his smash rages. After 3 consecutive misses he will unleash his rage. Get out of the temple and away from the opening in the entrance to minimize damage. The more layers around the temple the less damage you will take outside. 
  • Fixed fairly large bug with clipping not being removed when objects are manually deleted in game.


many more ! will update the list as soon as they come out ! please stay tuned for  the updates in the near future!  thank you ! 



-DEVELOPER: Patrick , Mr Sokoll

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Wow! Huge list of updates. Keep the persistence!

Thanks to all the Developers. 

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