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6-26-2020 Looting bag Update

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What's new?
Looting Bag!

  • Looting bags are dropped by all wilderness npcs. The rate is between 1/3 and 1/15 depending on the combat level. The exact formula is the same as osrs 1 / floor(1/combat level).
  • You can only have one Looting bag at a time.
  • You can Open/Close the Looting bag. When it is open, the items you pick up will be added to the Looting bag.
  • You can use the deposit option on the Looting bag or use items on the bag to deposit them into the Looting bag. Only tradable items can be put deposited.
  • You can deposit your items inside the Looting bag into your bank.
  • The Looting bag is always destroyed on death in the Wilderness and your items drop on the floor with the rest of your items.
  • Destroy option on the Looting bag. Destroying the Looting bag deletes all its contents as well.


  • Added Sell to General store button in bank. You can toggle it on and sell items directly from your bank to the general store!
  • Added Slayer items to Slayer store. Thanks @Pluto for item ids
  • Added Prospector's gear to stardust store
  • Each piece of prospector's gear gives 10% more mining xp
  • Added Prospector's and Lumberjack outfit to ::iteminfo interface
  • Added Nunchaku and Dual sai to clue scroll rewards


  • Made Frost dragons non-aggressive
  • Removed Fox from stardust story as it was buggy
  • Fixed being able to sell untradable items to the general store
  • Fixed Ava's accumulator info in ::iteminfo interface
  • Made Yrsa, Barker, and Gabooty shop items count to collection log
  • Fixed some bank hover buttons
  • Adjusted button spacing in bank
  • Fixed Kodai wand and Tomb of Frost spell highlighting
  • Changed Bank Pin button to same style as other buttons
  • Centered "The Bank of LoyaltyScape"
  • Added Dragon Harpoon to Giant mole boss teleport drops
  • Corrected Phoenix drops showing ornament fury instead of regular fury in boss teleports




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