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Found 2 results

  1. Monday - Double Dungeoneering Tokens General Khazard; ::arena Tuesday- Double PK Points Wednesday- Double Slayer Points Thursday- Double Pest Control Points Friday- Double Experience Saturday- Double Experience Sunday- Double Experience (Daily bonuses run off server time. changing at midnight everyday). Wildywyrm - Note this boss is in the wilderness! go at your own risk! Camelot Wilderness Duel Arena Taverley Falador Varrock Monastery Tzhaar Dungeon Water Altar Mind Altar Ancient Cavern Wilderness Flax Field West Dragons Yak Field Air Altar Taverley Dung. Farming Puro Puro Pest Control Edgeville Wild. Course Next Still in progress, adding new locations as they pop up Cheers, Will
  2. Skill Guide Directory: Agility Agility Guide - Neo Combat Construction Construction Guide - Girth Cooking Crafting Dungeoneering Farming Farming Guide - Girth Fishing Firemaking Fletching Herblore Herblore Guide - Girth Hunter Mining Mining Guide - Girth Prayer Runecrafting Runecrafting Guide - Sock Slayer Smithing Smithing Guide - Girth Summoning Summoning Guide - Girth Thieving Woodcutting *Will be updated whenever a new or more descriptive guide is created*
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