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  1. What's new? Looting Bag! Looting bags are dropped by all wilderness npcs. The rate is between 1/3 and 1/15 depending on the combat level. The exact formula is the same as osrs 1 / floor(1/combat level). You can only have one Looting bag at a time. You can Open/Close the Looting bag. When it is open, the items you pick up will be added to the Looting bag. You can use the deposit option on the Looting bag or use items on the bag to deposit them into the Looting bag. Only tradable items can be put deposited. You can deposit your items inside the Looting bag into your bank. The Looting bag is always destroyed on death in the Wilderness and your items drop on the floor with the rest of your items. Destroy option on the Looting bag. Destroying the Looting bag deletes all its contents as well. Added Sell to General store button in bank. You can toggle it on and sell items directly from your bank to the general store! Added Slayer items to Slayer store. Thanks @Pluto for item ids Added Prospector's gear to stardust store Each piece of prospector's gear gives 10% more mining xp Added Prospector's and Lumberjack outfit to ::iteminfo interface Added Nunchaku and Dual sai to clue scroll rewards Fixes Made Frost dragons non-aggressive Removed Fox from stardust story as it was buggy Fixed being able to sell untradable items to the general store Fixed Ava's accumulator info in ::iteminfo interface Made Yrsa, Barker, and Gabooty shop items count to collection log Fixed some bank hover buttons Adjusted button spacing in bank Fixed Kodai wand and Tomb of Frost spell highlighting Changed Bank Pin button to same style as other buttons Centered "The Bank of LoyaltyScape" Added Dragon Harpoon to Giant mole boss teleport drops Corrected Phoenix drops showing ornament fury instead of regular fury in boss teleports Media
  2. Zexivan edited a massive 58 osrs clue scroll items by editing our normal 634 items and recoloring them. New Clue Items Bronze trimmed armour Bronze gold-trimmed armour Iron trimmed armour Iron gold-trimmed armour Steel trimmed armour Steel gold-trimmed armour Red beret Black trimmed wizard robes Black gold-trimmed wizard robes Monk trimmed robes Monk gold-trimmed robes Leather body and chaps gold-trimmed 5 new headbands Mithril trimmed armour Mithril gold-trimmed armour Pink elegant clothing Gold elegant clothing White, Red, and Navy cavaliers Pink, Purple, and White boaters Black skirt (t) and (g) Adamant skirt (t) and (g) Blessed d'hide boots (6 variants) Blessed d'hide shields (6 variants) All Black heraldic pieces All Adamant heraldic pieces All Rune heraldic pieces Rewards with better look Gilded med helm Gilded sq shield Gilded chainbody Thanks again to Zexivan for recoloring the boaters, headbands, cavaliers, trimmed and gilded monk robes, gilded coif, and gilded vambraces Other news: Fix Herblore cape not noting Lantadyme herbs and others Made Yrsa, Barker, and Gabooty Cosmetic stores available to ironman Fixed issue with buying items with the noted option in shops and not receiving anything Previous Update Summary: New Client - fixed issue with client frame size for higher versions of java like java 11 Special attack energy recovers 5% every 25 ticks (10% every 30 seconds) same as osrs/rs2. It was 20 ticks before. Fix Collection Log tab total amounts double counting items Clue caskets are untradable again Fixed special attack energy not recovering when switching to a weapon without a spec Cleaner code for prayer system Fixed Piety not giving strength bonus Sokoll added some runes and items to Ironman store
  3. -Cosmetic overrides. You can talk to Diango at home and put in equipable items that will show over your actual gear. This can be toggled by talking to Diango or doing ::co. Your actual items will be shown when in combat, in the wilderness or in pvp related scenarios. -Banking cannon parts goes to correct tab in bank when player logs out, ty @smel my fish for reporting -New Resizable solid chat background -Fixed Npc Melee and Ranged maxhits being 10x smaller than usual -Made all npcs retreat if they get too far from their spawn point -Special attack energy shows in red now so it's easier to see -Special attack energy recovery messages now also displays when you gain enough energy to do another special attack, e.g. shows 25% when you have dds equipped and go from 20% to 25%. -Fix invalid gfx freezing client -Add graphic on rare item drop -Fix Free For All bug when player leaves the lobby and wins the ffa before it started -Fix Zenyte amulet stringing -Removed unused client variables -Rewrote item on npc packet -Improved code for bank booths and bankers -Rewrote using items on bankers / bank booths to note/unnote them, works for everyone now, not just ultimate ironman -Fixed a bug with non notable osrs items -When opening client for first time it downloads cache immediately instead of asking you -Item prices in cache for determining the ground item highlighting colors has been fixed. Many items had the prices of different items.
  4. This is a HUGE Update with a rework of npc combat mechanics so combat is closer to the real osrs/rs2 experience and more balanced. NPCs now have proper stat levels (Attack / Strength / Defence / Ranged / Magic) and stab/slash/crush offense and defence bonuses among other things. Quality of Life -Clue nests aren't banked with wc cape so you have the option to complete them and are aware you can't get more -Added Right click globe option for "Favourites" and "Recents" that takes you to those teleports for faster teleporting -Page Up button puts your last entered message into the chat box for you (ty @Sirwinski for that awesome suggestion, it was only like 7 lines of code as well) -Dwarf multicannon rotating sound is player specific rather than global New Things -Added Particles -Updated our OSRS cache to the latest version (189): maps, anims, items, npcs, objects -Updated our osrs item definitions to the latest osrs data -Black chinchompas work as range weapon -Added Black chinchompa hunting -Dumped new osrs npc definitions. -Added black chinchompas teleport -Added Baby chinchompa pet -Added Baby chinchompa pet to collection log -1/3000 chance to obtain Baby chinchompa from grey chins -1/2600 chance to obtain Baby chinchompa from red chins -1/2400 chance to obtain Baby chinchompa from black chins -Added Baby chinchompa metamorphosis -1/1000 chance of Baby chichompa to go golden when metamorphosing -Added particles for all master cape Combat Improvements -Fixed Zulrah's attack speed. He has correct attack speed now, it was way too slow before -Zulrah inflicts venom instead of poison -Fixed Snakeling attack speed, was also too slow -Vorkath big fire ball blast damage corrected to be like osrs, consistently deals high damage if you get hit -Removed old npc accuracy and defense system. -Rewrote combat maxhit and accuracy to be closer to osrs/rs2 formulas. -NPCs now have attack, strength, defence, magic, and ranged levels as well as stat bonuses. -Converted our rs2 npc definitions to new format. 86% of our attackable npcs' levels/stats are based on accurate OSRS npcs; the rest I did by hand. -Stab/Slash/Crush now have separate accuracies against npcs. So now weapons attack styles are important in PvM. -Many melee npcs now use Stab/Slash/Crush attacks against players. So now the different melee defences are important for PvM in addition to PvP. -Added support for draining and boosting npc levels -Levels restore/drain every 60 seconds now, was 78 before. -NPCs levels restore every 60 seconds (1 point at a time) -Dragon warhammer special attack works against npcs. Drains their defence level by 30% and is stackable. -Statius' warhammer special attack works against npcs. Drains their defence level by 30% and is not stackable. -Bandos godsword special attack reimplemented. It drains the opponent's combat levels equivalent to the damage hit in the following order: Defence, Strength, Prayer, Attack, Magic, Ranged. E.g. 50 damage on a foe with 30 in all combat stats would drain 30 Defence and 20 Strength levels (leaving the target with 0 Defence and 10 Strength). -Verac's set effect reimplemented. Performs the gfx now. It has a 25% chance to hit ignore opponent defence -Deleted old npc combat data code -Simplified accuracy calculations and merged together code for players and npcs to be the same more often -Dwarf Multicannon has maxhit of 30 -Dwarf Multicannon rolls against npc's ranged defence using your ranged accuracy if you are fighting with range or your melee accuracy otherwise -Modified zulrah to support new combat system -Migrated skilling buttons to the relevant skilling category on new teleport interface instead of dialogues -Reimplemented following spells to drain levels correctly: Confuse, Weaken, Curse, Smoke rush, Saradomin Strike, Flames of Zamorak, Claws of Guthix, Vulnerability, Enfeeble, and Stun -Added a simple Monster Examine Spell. This will help people figure out npcs' strengths and weaknesses to fight them more efficiently. -Added Cure me lunar spell which heals poison (but provides no poison immunity) Balancing and improvements -Fishing prestiging base points increased from 1 to 3 -Edited stats of coloured full slayer helmets. They now have similar stats to the regular Full Slayer helmet with some minor buffs. -Woodcutting / Fishing is 2x faster than osrs. (P.S. I hate you all) -Woodcutting and fishing prestige base points set to 2 -Removed Nex as Slayer task as it is often too difficult as a Slayer task -Raging goblin's temple wall does not get destroyed after he dies -complexity 4 boss in dung gives boss points -Defeating jad in fight cave gives 5-7k tokkul instead of 1-3k tokkul -Fixed the Item noting system. This will fix a numerous amount of small bugs. The Collection log had a few items that didn't log before, such as yak-hide armour bottoms and void knight deflector. Lava battlestaff and Mystic lava staff no longer interchange when withdraw from bank as notes. -Added noted rune gauntlets -Rewrote teletab code. Teletabs only work in level 20 wilderness or below -Added support for varying attack speed of npcs -Can perform skill emotes with Master capes Bug Fixes -Disabled OSRS animation tweening as it's broken (blowpipe animation for example) -Fixed Shift-Drop getting weird when using multiple clients at the same time. Sometimes you would have Drop option as the first click option on items that won't go away. -Magma blowpipe naming fixed in some places -Super antifires value set to 7000 gp per dose. They are now sellable to the general store -Fixed Rich Presence not displaying logo -Fixed texturing in resizable -Fixed texturing in resizable. Picture shows before and after -Chinchompas don't hit multiple targets in single combat zones -Fix Hunter Brawling gloves giving con bonus xp instead of hunter -Fix "comining" instead of "combining" typo in Omni Talisman staff ::iteminfo -Fixed Dragon battleaxe special attack effect -Fixed GFX offsets (e.g. dragon battleaxe was too high) -Fixed a bug in preset loading 2020-05-14_16-51-10.mp4
  5. Highlights: Tutorial and ::iteminfo interface -Summoning pouch creation is fixed. It highlights only what you can make and the shards required are visible again. -Speak to the Town crier to complete the Tutorial. He will give you some tips and show you around the server. -Added all 4 woodcutting teleports to woodcutting skill teleport -Removed scoreboard south of edgeville as there is already one north of edgeville -Making runecrafting talisman staves counts for the collection log -Made Evil tree and Shooting star spawn message more noticeable in the chat box -Fix Effigy using current level instead of base level -Made prestiging/resetting Prayer giving you 1 prayer instead of 10 -Fix not being able to pickup cannon when you have enough inv space -Fixed some parts of the venom effect. All 3 Serpentine helmets will inflict (25% chance) and protect from venom. -The Toxic staff of the dead / Toxic blowpipe inflicts venom with 25% chance and 100% chance when a Serpentine helmet is also equipped. -Void Knight Deflector will count for Collection log. We have a bad system for getting noted and unnoted items of the same type that caused this issue and some more. I will need to rewrite this system soon. -Kodai wand has a 15% chance of not consuming runes for offensive spells. -Staff of the dead and Toxic staff of the dead have a 1/8 chance of not consuming runes for offensive spells. -Added Cooking gauntlets as final reward to Gathering for Ingredients Quest. Please wait for the update before completing the quest. We will manually give out Cooking gauntlets for those that have already completed it. -Cooking gauntlets give a 20% higher chance of successfully cooking food. -Inferno Adze works even when not equipped -Inferno adze has 1/3 chance to burn logs for the full fm xp of the log -Coded Smouldering stone and Infernal pickaxe, harpoon, and axe -Infernal axe has 1/3 chance of burning logs cut and gives half the fm xp of the log -Dragon harpoon coded, 20% higher success rate than ordinary harpoon -Dragon harpoon added to collection log and is dropped by Giant mole and waterfiends -Barb-tailed harpoon has 10% higher success rate than ordinary harpoon -Infernal harpoon has 1/3 chance to cook fish you catch giving half the cooking experience for the fish -Infernal pickaxe has 1/5 chance of smelting ores you mine into bars for half the smelting experience of the bar. -Fixed Woodcutting and Mining animations for osrs axes/pickaxes -Added support for adjusting line spacing between wrapping interface text -Hybrid armor (Battle-mage/Trickster/Vanguard) is nerfed in Wilderness, has 15% instead of 20% for damage and accuracy boosts. -Added 109 entries into the new Item Information interface jam packed with detail to help new and old players alike. ::iteminfo to open the Item Information interface. -Redid parts of venom and poison code. Before they weren't working properly. Venom and especially poison occur more often and are more deadly than before. -Fixed make 5 and make 10 options for Jewelry crafting -Fixed Jewelry crafting showing gems instead of the product -Fixed Jewelry Crafting interface -Reworked Starter interface slightly -Added Referral code entering on the Starter screen -Added option to do the tutorial after you choose your game mode -Added Rocktail Fishing spot to Wilderness resource area -Fix close buttons on some interfaces not working such as the bank -Added Keris to Bandit and Kalphite Queen drops -Fixed bug with being able to continue cutting gems after you prestige crafting. -Cash nerf from Wildywyrm, mega mbox, and donation boxes -Increased value of logs so woodcutting is more profitable -Increased value of bows and bow (u)'s so fletching doesn't lose money as logs are valuable -The message you get when you add a new item to the collection log says what tab it is for
  6. Preset loading don't mess with your placeholders anymore. Faster bank code, rewrote somethings which made withdrawing items and other process takes over 20ms. Fixed Karambwan combo eating, you can eat a karambwan instantly after a potion or food. Snow works on osrs maps, previously it didn't work at home Fix losing dungeoneering cape when leaving dungeoneering Added fountain of rune into wilderness (north east of Callisto and south west of Chaos elemental) Removed Fountain of Heroes You can charge glories at the Fountain of Rune and there's 1/1000 chance of getting an Amulet of eternal glory Added animation when charging glories Abyssal Sire moved into Abyss and teleport updated Prayer loading for presets fixed Added animation when drinking from Ornate rejuvenation pool You can cast spells within the proximity of the Fountain of Rune without using runes but you will not gain experience. Finally Finally, Tomb of Frost, Kodai Wand, and Lexicus' journal give infinite * amount of runes in the client the same way staff of water works. Before it wouldn't highlight the spells even though you could cast the spells. Fountain of Rune works with infinite * amount of runes in the client interfaces. Added 16 extra rows to the ::drops table interface The scroll bar in drops interface adjusts to fit the number of items shown ::checkdrops npc name and ::whatdrops item name will automatically load the entry if there is only 1 search result Wilderness resource area is accessible Added health pet back to WildyWyrm loot Avernic defender drop is announced (Dragonstone donator boss) Transferred all pets receiving to the new OSRS pet giving system where it immediately follows you or goes to you backpack or your bank. All pets received will be logged correctly to the Collection log Added Dark claws to skotizo drop which can be used to color a Full Slayer Helmet purple like the other Full Slayer Helmet recolors (Abyssal head, KQ head, KBD head) Added Smouldering stone to Cerberus drops (stone does nothing at the moment but will make infernal tools later on) Added support for right aligned text in client Collection Log is here! ::collectionlog or ::cl to open.
  7. Presets Update!!! Removed useless deposit money pouch button in bank Add Presets button in bank (left bottom corner) Setup your favorite gear and load outs for faster bank trips A whopping 9 preset slots to use! Change your Spell book and Prayer book as well Just equip and get your gear into your inventory and click the "Update/Save" button. Click it again to confirm that you want to overwrite this preset Close button conveniently opens the bank again for you Other updates Client logo doesn't disappear when resizing the client Cleaned our garbage and got out the autonomous pruning shears, let us know if you experience some weird bugs, we might have pruned to much!
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