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  1. Thanks man. Glad you like it. Thanks for the input.
  2. Well done on this, @Master, but it'd be great if you could find and redo the Edgeville Bank one, as it's quite unhelpful with the new design of Edgeville unfortunately...
  3. Welcome to LoyaltyScape's Basic Money-Making Guide --- created by yours truely. Our Economy: Being that LoyaltyScape is rather new, our Economy is rather young as well. That being said, a lot of items are hard to price, even for those who are already considered LoyaltyScape veterans. There's still many items that are barely in game, or not even in game yet. So first off, the best way to work on growing your bank and making money is to avoid being scammed. If you get an item and someone wants to buy it from you, confer to our Discord or the Help Clan Chat in game to ask for a Price Check (or PC) on the items first. Avoid selling an item if you're unable to get an accurate price or price range for the item unless you feel comfortable otherwise. PVM: A few tips: When PVMing, try to consistantly bring a Ring of Wealth, as it increases your Drop Rate by 5%, and also picks up coins for you. Also, do your best to pick up noted or stackable items when PVMing or bossing and hoard them in your bank. Even though 1 of that item might be worth a measly 5,000 or 10,000 coins, having 10,000 of that 5,000 coin item in your bank from bossing overtime is an easy 10,000,000 (10 Million) coins you wouldn't have otherwise. You'll want to always search for a more efficient way of "farming", when it comes to bossing. Determine how many Overloads/Potions, Super Restores, and Food you go through in an inventory at a boss and try to adjust your gear on the next inventory to reflect until you get the most boss kills per inventory. Gamemodes: Before you begin, you'll want to consider the different gamemodes that LoyaltyScape has to offer. Firstly, there's the default, Normal. This is just your typical RSPS experience. A great experience rate, but normal drop rates. Secondly, there's Medium. Medium has less experience rates than Normal on all stats, but provides a +5% drop rate, compared to Normal. The third option is Expert. This has even less experience rates than Medium, but a +10% drop rate, compared to Normal. Lastly, there's Professional. The Professional gamemode offers 16% of the Normal gamemode's experience, but provides a +15% drop rate, compared to Normal. That means that, for example, King Black Dragon drops Draconic Visage at a rate of 1/321 on Normal mode, it drops at a rate of 1/305 on Medium, 1/289 on Expert, and 1/273 on Professional. Keep in mind, although the drop rates increase, the experience rates decrease. It'll take quite a bit longer to level stats on Medium than Normal, and Expert than Medium, and Professional than Expert. In my opinion, the grind is worth the extra drop rate in the long run. Starting and Training: As you're training your stats and preparing to Boss and such, you'll likely go to the Training teleport in the Magic Book. This teleport option features many NPCs that can be profitable early on. I recommend Dust Devils as the best option in the Training Teleports. These drop Dragon Square Shield Halves, Caskets, Clue Scrolls, Summoning Charms, and other decent money-making drops. They're all quite easy to sell to other players, or the General Store at Home, if all else fails. Bossing: So, once you've got some decent combat stats and some Prayer (43+ Prayer is a big help), you'll be able to begin Bossing quite easily. Some of the most common bosses for players are the King Black Dragon and the Giant Mole. The King Black Dragon has a chance at dropping 50,000,000 (50 Million) coins, Dragon Full Helm, Dragonfire Shield, Draconic Visage, Clue Scrolls, Caskets, Blood Money, and many more profitable drops. The Giant Mole has a chance at dropping 200,000,000 (200 Million) coins, Dragon Pic Axe, Ring of Wealth, Amulet of Fury, Dragon Hatchet, Dragon 2h Sword, Dragon Boots, Caskets, and many more profitable things. There's also many more profitable and easily farmable bosses, such as Callisto, Chaos Elemental, and more. There are also bosses like Skotizo and Cerbertus. Their rare drops are a bit harder to get and they're also a bit harder to kill, but their rare drops are usually highly sought-after, such as the Toxic Staff of the Dead, and the best boots in-game. Event Bosses: Here on LoyaltyScape, we have two event bosses to offer. These include General Khazard and the WildyWyrm. General Khazard: General Khazard spawns about an hour after he's been killed. A Global Announcement is made when he spawns and he'll be at ::arena. This is a NON-MULTI area, meaning that he is a 1 vs 1 ONLY Boss; so there's usually a race to get him before others. He's a rather easy boss to kill, although time consuming, as he has 2,500 hitpoints. For General Khazard, I'd recommend using Range gear in the form of a Crossbow with both Ruby and Dragonstone bolts. Use Ruby bolts until he reaches 1,000 hitpoints, then switch to Dragonstone, as they become more effective. For the best results, use Protect from Mage and Vigour in the Normal Prayer Book. Or use Deflect Magic and Leech Ranged if you're on the Curses book, although Vigour in the Normal Prayer book is better. You'll want to bring an Overload potion, at least one Super Restore potion, an inventory of food, and idealy a Ring of Wealth to switch to when he's dieing for a 5% increase in Drop Rate. General is known to drop Crystal Keys, Dragon Boots, Dragon Platelegs, and Dragon Chainskirt most commonly. Less common items include Zuriel's, Morrgian's, Vesta's, and Statius pieces, the Daggonoth Rings, and Barrows sets. WildyWyrm: Like General Khazard, WildyWyrm spawns about an hour after it's been killed, and is also rather time consuming, with 4,000 hitpoints. Unlike General Khazard, this boss spawns in one of two locations in the Wilderness. Either "Bone Yard" or "Spider Hill". Both locations are MULTI zones, which means that multiple players may attack and kill the WildyWyrm at once. WildyWyrm is nearly impossible to kill 1 vs 1, unless you have OP gear or get very lucky with your hits and the hits WildyWyrm lands on you. In fact, WildyWyrm can even be quite difficult to kill with less than 3 people. Unlike other bosses in Multi zones, WildyWyrm's drops are separate from the typical drop table. This means that all players who participate in killing the WildyWyrm receive a drop, unless they've died and are not within the vicinity when it dies. To gear up for the WildyWyrm, you'll want to bring a Range Potion and a Super Defense potion, as Overloads don't work in the Wilderness. You'll also want at least one Super Restore potion, an inventory of food (idealy Rocktails), and a Ring of Wealth, for that extra +5% drop rate mentioned before. You'll want to be on Normal Prayers and you'll use Vigour with Protect from Ranged for most of the fight. Although, unlike most of the LoyaltyScape bosses, WildyWyrm switches attack styles to a very powerful magic attack occasionally, capable of hitting accurate 60s+. Upon paying close attention to the WildyWyrm, you'll notice the blue graphic coming at your player when he's using magic. You'll want to switch to Protect from Magic before it hits you in order to block a lot of the damage, and save yourself some food. I've noticed that WildyWyrm only switches to his Magic attack on the player who attacked him first, or who he attacked first (AKA the "tanking" player), although he does consistently damage all players involved using Ranged. Once the WildyWyrm is killed, a Global Announcement is made listing each player whose received loot from the WidlyWyrm. You'd then pick up your drop and proceed south to Level 20 Wilderness to teleport Home, or where ever your desired banking location is. His typical drops are 8,000,000-25,000,000 (8-25 Million) coins, along with 2 or 3 different random noted items, usually valuing 7,000,000-18,000,000 (7-18 Million) coins, along with the possibility of a rare item. Rare items that are possible from WildyWyrm include Vesta's Longsword, Zaryte Bow, Twisted Bow, Armadyl Crossbow, and much, much more. I'm quite certain there's a chance at anything in game from WildyWyrm. But, although it kind of goes without saying, the WildyWyrm IS in the WILDERNESS which means that other players can attack you at any time. This can be especially risky at the WildyWyrm's locations, being that they're Multi zones. Be careful of who you attend WildyWyrm with. Skilling: I intend to stick to the skills which are profitable and actually give resources. This means Construction, Dungeoneering, Agility, Slayer, Firemaking, and Summoning will obviously not be included. Fletching and Smithing are not included as they're either barely profitable, or not worth your time. Runecrafting: To Runecraft, buy a Talisman from the Wizard at the Runecrafting Skill Tab teleport location and Locate on it. This will teleport you to the designated altar. Work your way up to Blood, then make them and sell them to the General Store for a profit. Herblore: The Herblore section of this guide is kind of still in the process, as I've not attempted to make money off of Herblore yet, but I'm sure it's VERY profitable once you reach the ability of making Overload potions, as they're tradable to other players for anywhere between 500,000-1,500,000 (0.5-1.5 Million) coins each. Herblore: The Herblore section of this guide is kind of still in the process, as I've not attempted to make money off of Herblore yet, but I'm sure it's VERY profitable once you reach the ability of making Overload potions, as they're tradable to other players for anywhere between 500,000-1,500,000 (0.5-1.5 Million) coins each. Thieving: Once you unlock the Scimitar Stall, you can start stealing from that to receive all Scimitars Bronze-Dragon, increasing in rarity as they scale up. Bronze, Iron, and Steel are obviously not worth much, but obviously they all add up if stored and hoarded in the bank for a while. Mining: Mining can be a very profitable skill. Mainly for Coal and Runite Ores. Mithril and Adamant are also often sought-after for Smithing. Alternatively, Runite Ores sell for quite a bit to the General Store. Fishing AND Cooking: I've just kind of put these two into one category sense they go hand and hand. Along with the possability of making money from selling raw fish for other players to use for Cooking experience, it's also very profitable to fish and cook Rocktail. They can easily sell for 40,000 coins to other players, sense they're not available in any shops and are the best healing food in game. Woodcutting: Woodcutting can be a great money maker sense logs are used for two different skills; Firemaking and Fletching. So, you may find selling Magic Logs quite easy. Alternatively, they do sell to the General Store at home for around 18,000 each. Farming: Farming can be highly profitable with Herblore being somewhat a pain in the butt to train. You'll likely find it quite easy to sell some of the higher-level herbs that you can grow with Farming to other players. Others: Daily Tasks: Every 24 hours, you're assigned a Daily Task to complete. This can range from killing bosses to mining ores, and so on. This can be a very profitable tool, considering you'll probably want to do those things throughout your time playing on LoyaltyScape anyways. Also, you'll occasionally get Lucky Daily Tasks, which pay out much more rewards than normal Daily Tasks. Barrows: Although it's not highly desired by other players, other than D'harok, Karil, and maybe Ahrim, they sell for a pretty penny to the General Store. Treasure Island: Treasure Island is another minigame. At Treasure Island, there are 4 bosses; Death, Fear, Blitz, and Cobra. You must have 1 key from each of the 4 bosses to open the chest in the middle. The chest gives random skilling items, and a chance at some VERY rare items, and up to 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) coins. A list of all the possible loot is posted on #announcements on LoyaltyScape's Discord. If I'm missing anything or forgetting anything, please feel free to reply and add on or add comments. Thanks guys. Hope it helps!
  4. Hmm, alright. I'll check it out. Was just confused 'cause ::whatdrops red spider shows nothing.
  5. @girth where does one find Red Spider's Eggs though?
  6. Wellp. Here I am. Finally made a forum account after dwelling on the server's discord and on the server itself for the last three weeks or so. Still rather new to the community, but I definitely feel like I'm part of the family. Love you guys. :) If anyone needs any help or assistance, you know where to find me.
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