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  1. Mining To start training Mining, click on Mining skill. Essence Mine - used to mine essence for runecrafting (bank is in the centre of it and mine spots are in 4 corners) Mining guild - All types of rocks. Click on mining skill and choose 2nd option. There is a bank and furnance right next to it. Really good place where to smelt bars. Also there are 2 persons: Expert Miner - Stardust shop owner. You can buy items from there for Stardust. And Mining instructor who is little less important, cause he sells pickaxes and some ores to start smithing easily. Rogues Castle - Teleport to ::tornado and run north west to the castle. North inside of it there is little skilling area, where you can find 5 rune rocks, 2 coal rocks and 1 gold rock. Its in deep wild, so be careful there. Ores come noted. Resource area - Located in the wilderness Just run west from ::tornado teleport and you will reach it. There is pretty nice area. I havent been there much cause its too far away from everything. Donator Zone Mining - For people who donate atleast 10$ for server have access to it. And yes, it is worth it. Stardust - Obtianed from mining Crashed Star all over the Loyaltyscape. Chat messages you where the Star is crashed. You can get different gems from mining the Stardust and also from other rocks mined. Most rare is Onyx gem. XP Rates - Calculated with Well of Goodwill bonus. Normal mode. Tin - 1820xp Copper - 1820xp Iron - 3640xp Coal - 5200 xp Gold - 6760xp Mithril - 8320xp Adamant - 9880xp Rune - 13000xp Stardust - 21840xp At level 99 you can wear normal skillcape. But if you reach Lvl 120, you are able to wear Master skillcape wich is bought from the same shop as normal cape. ( @north of home bank) Skillcape perk: Notes all gems that are obtained from mining. Thank you for reading!
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