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    Starting guide!

    First off, welcome to LoyaltyScape! I hope you enjoy your stay here. This is a guide to the brand new fresh accounts that have just started and need a little help starting. 1. is the thieving stalls, they are great for a bit of starting cash -Bananas sell for 1.6k gp -Gold ring sell for 3.2k gp -Damaged hammer sells for 6.9k gp -Staff sells for 11k gp -Scimitars sell for Bronze 4 gp - Iron 17 gp - Steel 123 gp - Mithril 457 gp - Adamant 1.4k gp - Rune 28k gp - Dragon 110k gp 2. Zeke the Armour/Weapers dealer. Zeke can be located West of Edgeville bank at ::home. He sells All Melee gear/Magic gear/ Range gear/ And even Pure gear. 3. Cooks shop for all your potions and your food needs. Located next to Zeke West of edgeville bank. His shop sells anywhere from lobsters to sharks and all your super sets and super restores you will ever need. 4.Explorer Jack sell all of your random needs, From Teleports to cities from a cannon and a shovel. Located inside edgevilles bank on the north side. 5. Played Owned house's, Where you can sell all your goodies you get bossing and skilling to other player while you go about your day or sleep! 6. Skilling is pretty easy , All your have to do is click on one of the skilling icons it'll teleport you to a spot that either sells something to do with the skill - For example the fishing teleport will bring you here. 7. Rockcrabs are a great way to start your combat training, you can get to them by the training teleport under your mage spell book or type ::train 8. After getting your combat up and maybe some better gear from Zeke, It's about time to start the real work, Slayer! Of course i could go on and on how to do slayer where to go but that's a guide for another time (Will make a Slayer Guide Later ) To start slayer click on the Slayer icon in your skills menu and click teleport to slayer master Vannaka. After you start doing slayer you'll be able to get enough money a gear to start bossing! 9. Bossing, Now that you have gotten some slayer done and upgraded your armour by a bit its time to do the fun stuff bossing! You can start bossing by going into your magic tab and clicking the b, It'll bring up a menu and you can select a boss you're willing to kill Some good starting bosses I suggest are -BarrelChests [Prayer Melee] -SlashBash [Prayer Melee] -King Black Dragon [Bring antifire shield located at Explorer Jack and antifire potion Located at The cook ] [Prayer mage if needed]
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