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  1. Jay

    Jay's BACK!!

    Hey LOYALTY-SCAPE, Name's Jay for all the players that haven't met me yet. I've been playing RSPS for a long time now and I love it & I love helping others that want to he helped. I'm a nice respectful & Loyal guy. I've left about a year ago due to some family shit but hey I'm back for good guys. Creator of the original server name " LOYALTY-SCAPE" " *wink wink* aha. Hope to see a lot of familiar faces and new players in game. - Jay
  2. Jay

    Jay Signing Out

    Its been quite a ride with LoyaltyScape, I wish the best for the server and keep pushing forward. Hope to see new faces someday but for now, I'm out. Kind Regards, Jay
  3. Welcome @Vasseline, Hope to see you in-game!
  4. Jay

    Jay's Intro

    Hey Fam! Name's Jared aka Jay, I've been playing RSPS's for quite a while now and I enjoy it a lot. For all you players that is looking for a great home and server, Here you found it! Welcome to our Newly Released RSPS and I'm looking forward in meeting all of you in-game soon. Keep grinding and enjoy! Kind Regards, Jay
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