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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Suave, a very old player of LoyaltSscape and ex-server support that has been inactive for a long time. Recently got back into RSPS's and have to decided to make my return, I hope you all welcome me and enjoy my company
  2. Thanks @Wownofaith and @Patrick for being such amazing developers, this server has come far and has so much further to go!
  3. Nice guide! thanks for contributing to the community!
  4. Awesome guide! simple and yet detailed, the perfect guide for anyone looking to train farming!
  5. Fight Caves Guide! This is a very in-depth guide of how to defeat TzTok-Jad Obtaining a Fire Cape is actually a simple task that even beginner players should be able to accomplish. We'll start with some Requirements: You MUST have at least 40 Prayer. This will allow you to use Protect From Magic and Protect From Missiles, the two attack types that you will need to protect yourself from. 44 Prayer and 80 Prayer will benefit you greatly, allowing you to use Eagle Eye (Increases Ranged attacks by 15%) or Rigour (Increases Ranged attacks by 22% and Defence by 25%). You should try to get at least 92 Range before trying to kill TzTok-Jad, this will significantly increase your damage and accuracy, this way you won't have to focus for an extremely long time while trying to kill him. Onto the next thing. Equipment Setup: If you're a new player and/or can't afford amazing gear, don't worry, you can still do this easily. This is what an absolute welfare gear set-up looks like. For those with a bit more cash, this gear will be much better though more expensive This gear can be bought with nothing more than just the starting cash. This gear will cost around 400m TOPS (excluding Chaotic Crossbow) Feel free to change out any items, whether you have something better or can't afford an item here. This is something you can experiment with, though I strongly suggest grinding out some Dungeoneering to get a Chaotic Crossbow, not only will it help tremendously with TzTok-Jad, it is also an extremely good range weapon for every other boss on Loyaltyscape. Next up, Inventory Set-Up: Because the Fight Caves start you straight on TzTok-Jad the inventory set-up is quite basic, if you're quick with your prayer switches (which we'll get into later), you won't need any food though I find it's always safer to bring some food just in case, here's my recommended inventory. You will most likely find that you won't use even half of these supplies and you might not need food at all, feel free to change this up as per your liking. If you can bring Extreme Ranging Potions or Overloads, it is recommended you do so, though not necessary. Now for the final part of this guide, Combat Strategy: The combat strategy for TzTok-Jad is incredibly simple however can require focus and a quick reaction time. A key part to killing TzTok-Jad is staying away from him, this will stop him from melee-ing you, and force him to use only 2 attack types, Range and Mage. TzTok-Jad has specific animations for these 2 attack types that will allow you to change your prayer to defend yourself, should you not change your prayer fast enough or click the wrong prayer TzTok-Jad will most likely deal immense damage to you. Luckily for you, I have put together some screenshots to show you what the animations are. Here is the animation for when TzTok-Jad is about to use a Ranged attack. First TzTok-Jad will jump up and stand on his back two feet, then he will slam his front feet on the ground. It would be best if you can activate your Protect From Missiles prayer when he initially jumps up, this will give you the best chance of protecting from his attack. Here is the animation for when TzTok-Jad is about to use a Magic attack. TzTok-Jad will lower his entire body and go into what looks like a crouching position, this animation isn't as obvious as the ranged animation however it is much slower, giving you plenty of time to change to your Protect From Magic prayer. It's as simple as that, TzTok-Jad will continue to use only these 2 attacks as long as you stay out of melee distance, make sure you pay attention though, one mistake could prove fatal as it will force you to eat food and prepare your prayers for his next attack. Keep in mind, TzTok-Jad can use the same attack style multiple times in a row. Congratulations! You have defeated TzTok-Jad! You have been rewarded with a Fire Cape and a small amount of Tokkul for your efforts! I hope you guys enjoyed and found this guide helpful, there will be more guides to come in the future (Fight Caves Part 2), please comment down below on what you think of this guide and if you have any suggestions of other guides I should make!
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