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  1. Kablammmmmmm my dude what up welcome to the best server you'll ever play! see u ingame
  2. Love the guide man! looks beautiful
  3. Remember to vote every 12 hrs! you get 25% xp boost and 5% drop rate chance for 12 hrs! One of the many ways that we can grow- it only takes 2 mins Tops. Who couldn't use 12 hrs of boosted xp? It's easy just click on this vote! Vote Here Intro When first starting an account you're faced with the first question: What Kind and what xp rates. Normal:There are no restrictions on your account. Ironman:Trade, staking, looting from someone's kills or pked loot and limited shops Hardcore Iron: is all above except when you die you will be converted to reg iron Ultimate Iron: is again Ironman mode except you cannot Bank (gl) Fun ironman: Is for those that want to jump right into getting drops at 75% Drop Rate all while remaining the ironman gameplay. Xp rates are as follows: Normal = 80x xp rates no drop rate change Medium = 40x xp rates and 5% drop chance Expert = 20x xp rates and 10% drop chance Professional = 10x xp rates and a whopping 15% drop chance!(gl) So you've chosen what you want to play. Now what? There are a few ways you can start your account: Slayer, Skilling, Donations I will go over all of these starters and how to get started. But first lets go over shops. Shops The shops are located all throughout the Home. I would suggest buying first starting gears (Weapons, runes, arrows etc.) There are various shops that have great items in them for currency you don't have yet. They are, Loyalty, Boss, Blood money, Vote points(always vote), Trivia, Prestige, And our donator points. The donator area we will get into later in the guide. So here are the shops: Slayer Slayer starts with what mode you chose. ****Ironman take note of this: to get Dragon scimitar keep thieveing the scimitar stall at home. You will eventually get a dragon scimitar, don't give up!**** Regular accounts: Bank everything and organize(makes for easier banking later, check the bottom Gold button for place holders. So now that we've banked and organized lets gear up to start slayer. To start slayer click on the slayer skill icon. Choosing select slayer master will bring up a list of masters to chose from with their respective levels to be your master. Lets choose teleport to slayer master. Once there right-click and get task. Trade him for a gem and left-click on the gem. Chose what is my task and it will tell you at the bottom where your task is located. While on slayer tasks I recommend bringing alching runes - and for that note anything you want to sell to shop will almost always be better money if you alch it. The last slayer master will give you only boss tasks (right now that includes Nex) so if you aren't ready for bossing stick with Kuradel lvl 80. After slayer you will have 80-90+ combats. If you did not get at least 43 prayer I suggest killing blue dragons in Tavlery Dung. You should make quick work of them, This is where you can stop and skill, or continue to bossing and get some gear. To do any skills click on any skill icon and it will teleport you to the area to do the skill- most have shops and everything you need to get started. Bossing(intro) Get started: For ironman Do ::whatdrops rune crossbow and grind for a cbow unless you want to grind dung for 10hrs for chaotic cbow. To get Ava's accumulator Kill rock crabs. Gearing up: If you're unsure of which item you have has better stats use "ctr" key and it will show the stats of any item with stats. Also use ::maxhit to toggle and see which has harder hits(works very well in ::FFA :)) To do any kinda of bossing you need some decent gear. I already mentioned rune cbow and dragonbolts (e). To grind some bossing points getting this setup: Ironman: All Others: This will be enough for farming the boss: Not only does he drop good coin stack he has plenty of other nice drops for supplies in Caskets and clue scrolls. Farming him takes Protection Melee and food. Once you get the hang of killing him and rack up some boss points you can spend them on the boss shop for some upgrades. The first few upgrades I recommend are: Keep voting as well as you can acquire easy kiln cape for almost bis cape at just 30 vote points! That's only like 3 days of voting! After this gear you can decide what you want to do. Do you want to go after nex next (ha) or do you want to max and get all your skills to 120? Btw Completionist cape only requires 80 achievements. Be sure to check out my Zulrah Guide for some quick kills and chances at serp helm and Blowpipe(very op and a must have for high level bosses) Donator Start: Firstly you need to donate. Click the Store button on the top of the client. This will bring you to the store page. To get rank buy the 10, 20, 50, and 100 $ respective rank scroll. Ingame type ::claim after you've donated. Next use ::dzone and teleport to the zone. To the North of the teleport you have all the Mining rocks you'll ever need. To the south east (middle) you have the convenient Hunter training. To the west you have every tree you can think of. As well as flax field for starting crafting. Even further west you have you're own set of dragons to kill (mith, steel) South you have fishing spots and a fire to boot. Oh and did I mention. All spots have easy banking (banker randomly moving about) And one of the perks of being here is every skill you train grants you Donator zone Points which can be used on - you guessed it - the Donator zone Shop. There is also a Druid to the east that has a great shop to get started. A few things to mention: The settings interface has some interesting things to play around with. Click on the Monitor. Most notably there's a spec button that can be added so you can just click it. You can also toggle Item drops from this menu. Check it out ! Setup recovery email by clicking on the Star near your minimap. In that menu you can set a pin as well. Never use the same password from other servers. Links at the top of the client go to the discord (come join us!) if you have questions and no one is on, we might be on discord to help you out so come have a chat with us! The forums obviously as you're here now. Voting, which is a must! to help us grow please please vote. There are also great benefits from voting. The vote point store - and bonus xp and drop rate. Every 12 hrs please vote. And the donator store. I can make a full ironman guide for those that want it. Let me know on Discord or on the server. Hope this helps it took an afternoon to put together but It will be worth it. Thanks everyone See you at Loyalty Scape! P.S. Vote!!!!!!
  4. Pluto

    Zulrah Guide

    Zulrah Beginner Guide Firstly recommended 61 ranged for at least Rune c-bow with dragon bolts (e) First step. Get your overload dose and use fountain in center to rejuvenate hp/pray Second step. kill zulrah. end. lol jk Teleport to Zulrah and put your best ranged prayer on (eagle eye/rigour) Do not use curses the increase is minimal. Follow my steps on Zulrah each phase I will do one with full rotations and another killing. Phase 1: Rotation: Kill: Phase 2. Rotation: Kill: Phase 3. Rotation: Kill: Phase 4. Rotation: Kill: Happy Hunting Everyone ?
  5. Pluto

    Im Pluto

    I play randomly. I've been looking for a server to grow with and i really like the staff and the game is fun. Look forward to some fun times and some challenges.
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