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  1. Welcome to the family. There's big fashionscape in the loyalty point stores in case you haven't seen it yet. Yo-yo and broomstick are my favourites. This is all the clue rewards. Couldn't find the loyalty shop but you can see it ingame anyway
  2. Didn't realize how many items we have ingame, that's crazy! Good job on this
  3. Beautiful guide for this very unique custom content I made.
  4. Welcome bud, with the amount of suggestions in discord you are clearly part of the fam.
  5. Patrick

    WildyWyrm Guide!

    Needs to be updated sort of. Wildywyrm will say things like "I'm going to smash you!" When it says this quickyl change prayer to the right style for the next hit then go back to protect range which is the best prayer and there is a multi-range attack that hits without warning. Smash - Melee Shoot - Range Blast - Mage
  6. Damn, I like your guides, you almost better than me =p
  7. Minigame Guide -Teleport to prisoners by doing ::prisoners or go south of edge. -You will need to bank your items which you can do at the Prisoner npc store by right clicking him. -You will enter the lobby and the game will start when there are 2 or more players and the 50 second timer is reached. You can use the exit portal to leave the lobby area or just relog. Once a game is started you will not be able to enter the lobby. -You will be split into a team randomly, either the prisoners or the guards. -This is a safe minigame and levels are all set to the predefined levels and restored to your original levels after the minigame. This is a non-combat minigame, except that guards are able to cast bind spells to freeze prisoners. Prisoners -You have been imprisoned by Melzar the Mad and must escape the prison to score points for your team. The Prisoners win if they score 5 or more escapes. -You can escape by clicking on the portals that the wise old man spawns. There will be a red game chat message displayed to tell you what floor the portal is on (Basement, Ground, First, or Second). There will also be a hint arrow telling you where it is when you are close. There is a charging time before the portal will let you escape, you cannot escape if you are frozen. -Beware of the guards, they will try and capture you but can only capture you if they are directly next to you. They have ways to freeze you so watch out! -If you are captured you will go back into a jail cell and will have to walk up to the door and try and pick-lock your way out. -You will receive an ancient talisman and a magical orb at the start of the game. You can use the talisman as a gatestone by clicking focus on it. You can then click the teleport option on the orb if you wish to teleport to the talisman (destroying it in the process). This is a handy way to escape the jail cell after being captured, escape being captured, or place it as you use the escape portal so you can return to escape again! You can also pickup your talisman and move it somewhere else. -As you have been imprisoned and have had little food, your energy drains very fast. You can search the objects around the minigame to get energy potions and extra ancient talismans as well. Beware you may reveal some ancient magic and be teleported randomly. Guards -You are henchman of Melzar the Mad and must prevent his prisoners from escaping. The guards will win if they prevent the prisoners from scoring 5 or more escapes -You all happen to be quite fat from drinking too much wizard mind’s bombs and cannot run at all. -To capture a prisoner you must be adjacent to the prisoner and then use the rope in your inventory on the prisoner to catch them, it is highly recommended to freeze your prisoners first unless you are very skilled. -You can use the bind spell (the first freeze spell only in the regular spellbook) to freeze a prisoner for 4 seconds. –You can also lay a trap anywhere on the map and when a prisoner is within 2 squares of the trap you can activate the spare controls in your inventory to trigger the trap. If successful the trap will freeze all prisoners in the space for 8 seconds, your trap will be destroyed though. -You can search the objects around the minigame for spare bind runes and extra traps, you may also be teleported randomly. -You will be able to see the floor that the portals spawn on, but you will not receive a hint for there exact location. More game play -The game begins when there are two or more players in the lobby. -The lobby timer goes down from 50 seconds and restarts if there isn’t enough players. -Once the game starts, players cannot enter the lobby. -There is a short cut scene for each of the teams which ends simultaneously. -The game will then start and players rush to stock up on items and get a head start. -A portal is spawned and repositioned every minute 10 times and then the game will end. Rewards -Prisoners uniform – full set will give unlimited run energy in next update -Overload potions -Antique lamps – will be added next update -Twisted bow -More rewards to be added shortly Notes -There is a logger for escapes and captures. Future updates will have a leaderboard of some sort possibly and special titles/items/benefits will be added for different tiers of these statistics. -Currently there is no in-game interface to show, portal floor level, time left, portals spawned, escapes number, lobby time, players in lobby etc. This will be added in the future. -Used to be a cool green tele animation for melzar but the animation isn’t on here, so I will have to find another teleport animation for him. -As I made this minigame by myself, it is difficult to actually test it and play it since it’s a team minigame (equivalent to trying to simulate a clan vs clan pk as one person). This made it difficult to judge certain aspects of the game and balancing. The number of escapes needed may change or be variable with the number of players on the teams. Ideally I will reduce the number of portals to 5 spawns and at the end the teams will switch roles. Then whichever team has the higher number of escapes will win. -Other ideas may be suggested or occur to me and be implemented.
  8. Herro derr! Welcome to our serviest of servers, top o ta day to ya! Had to say something more random than welcome XD.
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