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  1. KAAAAABLAAAAAAMMMMM, welcome brotha! Glad to see you on the forums.
  2. Thanks for this guide @Anthony, love the color coding you did, it's very organized.
  3. Mill3n

    Pluto's Starter Guide

    This should be pinned. Thanks for this pluto.
  4. Mill3n

    Im Pluto

    Nice to see you on the forums Pluto . Hope you enjoy you're time here!
  5. Welcome man! Glad to have you back, hope you're enjoying all the new updates .
  6. Deep intro! Welcome Toxinn, hope you enjoy your time here on Loyalty-Scape.
  7. Mill3n

    Jay's BACK!!

    Welcome back my brother! A pleasure to have you here again.
  8. I consider myself to be quite the critique when it comes to guides and man, this guide is perfect. It gives all the information down to the T, great guide man I'll definitely be using this once I'm ready to take on this boss. 10/10 guide
  9. Wow! Huge list of updates. Keep the persistence! Thanks to all the Developers.
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