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  1. A big shout-out to @Wownofaith and @Patrick for their incredible work, time, and commitment to bettering and improving LoyaltyScape! Great job guys!
  2. Great guide along with the rest that you have designed posted. It's clear to me that you have proven an aptitude when it comes to making these. Keep up the great work and continue to contribute to the community.
  3. You forgot Tornado, but other than that, excellent guide. It will be a great tool for new players to use.
  4. Jeremy

    Jay Signing Out

    You will be missed by players and the staff here alike at LoyaltyScape. Everybody here hopes to see you come back one day and rejoin, when we are much bigger. I hope to see you again.
  5. Hello, My name is Jeremy, or my in-game name, Vasseline. I have came to Loyalty because a good friend of mine, and clanmate, Knd had shown me the server. Another reason why I have came is because I was wanting a server that was more personal, where all players know each other. I've been stuck on a server with over 600+ people per day, and I thought that it would be great to just settle down and start playing on a nice small server; thus I found Loyalty. Alot of my hobbies consist of meeting new people and skilling, PvM, PvP, ect. I enjoy gambling, dicing, staking, all the sorts. I can't wait to meet all the new people here and make some great friends. Hit me up in game or the Loyalty discord. -V
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