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  1. Loyalty Scape Prices. N/P = No price. P/P = Per Part. Price checker in Game for most items that and not listed on this, As skilling item's mainly. Colour - To - Rarity Common, Rare, Super Rare, Stupidly Rare, legendary. Mixed pvm sets. Trickster (set) :4.0-5.0b Vanguard (set) :5.0-6.0b Battle-Mage (set) :4.0-5.0b Abyssal -Tri-whip :3.5b Rares Mystery box :30m Legendary Mystery box :150-200m Donator box :300m Mega Mystery :box : 100m Casket :500-750k Clue Scroll :5m Healer icon :75m Collector icon :75m Attacker icon :75m defender icon :75m Ornate katana :350m Grain :225m Sled :225m Lava santa hat :3b Lime santa hat :1.8b Black santa hat :1.8b Pink santa hat :1.8b Santa hat :350-500m Black H'ween :1-1.5b Red h'ween :700-1b Blue h'ween :700-900m Green h'ween 650-800m Christmas cracker :1.5b Disco party hat & black:2-3b sky blue party hat :2-3b lava Party hat :2-3b pink party hat :2-3b Green party hat :1.3b Purple party hat :1.1b Yellow party hat :700m White party hat :1.5b Blue party hat :2b Scythe :250m Bunny ears :150m Death cape :750m Angrelic wings :250m Butterfly wings :250m Demonic wings :250m Magic secateurs :8m Custom robbin hats :15m Gadderhammer N/P Third-age longsword :500m Third-age cloak :500m Third-age helmet :250m Third-age platebody :250m Third-age platelegs :250m Third-age kiteshield :250m Third-age druidic staff :150m Third-age mage hat :250m Third-age robe top :250m Third-age robe :250m Third-age amulet :250m Third-age range coif :250m Third-age range top :250m Third-age range legs :250m third-age vambraces :150m (Nex Armor sets & Weppon) Torva full helm. :500m Torva platebody :500m Torva platelegs :500m Pernix cowl :800m Pernix body :700m Pernix chaps:500m Virtus mask :600m Virtus robe top :600m Virtus robe legs :600m Zaryte bow :1b (God Wars Armor sets & Weapons ) Armadyl crossbow :350m Saradomin hilt :175m Saradomin sword :15m Armadyl helm :30m Armadyl platebody :55m Armadyl chainskirt :50m Armadyl hilt :200m Bandos platebody :40m Bandos tassets :60m Bandos boot :10m Bandos hilt :100m Zamorak spear :30m Zamorak hilt :150m Godsword shard 1 2 & 3 :800k Blade : 4m (PVP armors & weppons) Vesta's spear :25m Vesta longsword :175-300m Vesta chainbody 150m (Will be degradable soon) Vesta plateskirt :150m (Will be degradable soon) Zuriel's staff :35m Zuriel's hood :25m (Will be degradable soon) Zuriel's robe Top :40m (Will be degradable soon) Zuriel's robe bottom :40m (Will be degradable soon) Statius's warhammer :40m Statius's full helm :150m (Will be degradable soon) Statius's platebody :25m (Will be degradable soon) Statius's platelegs :25m (Will be degradable soon) Morrigan's coif :50m (Will be degradable soon) Morrigan's leather Body :75m Morrigan's leather Chaps :40m Morrigan's javlins 250k Morrigan's throwing axe 250k (barrows sets ) Ahrim's :40m (10m p/p) Karil's :40m (10m p/p) Verac's :60m (15m p/p) Guthan's :60m (15m p/p) Torag's :20m ( 5m p/p) Dharok's :80m (20m p/p) (Weapons) Abyssal whip :15m (Colored Whips)40m Abyssal tentacle whip :55m Abyssal vinewhip :90m Abyssal blugeon :250-300m Abyssal dagger :75-100m Armadyl godsword :250m Bandos godsword :120m Zamorak godsword :140m saradomin godsword :200m Korasi's sword :250-350m Dragon claw :350-500m Drygore longsword :1b Drygore mace :800m Drygore rapier :1.3b Dragon warhammer :200-300m Elder maul :700-1b Primal 2h sword :2-3b Barrelchest anchor :5m Dragon 2h sword :2m Chaotic long sword :100m Chaotic rapier :150m Chaotic maul :150m Toxic blowpipe :1-1.5b (Magma) 1.7b-2.3b Chaotic crossbow :100-200m Dragon hunter crossbow :300-400m Darkbow :10m (Colored darkbows)30m Hand cannon :35m Light ballista :150m Heavy ballista :300-500m Twisted bow :2-3b (aka zulrah bow) (hella profit) Master wand :5m Kodai wand :250m (Ancestral Set) 2b Toxic staff of the dead :350m Staff of light (all) :15m Trident of the seas :60-100m Trident of the swamps :175m Chaotic staff :100m Mud battlestaff :250k Tome of frost :200-400m (unlimited water runes) Tarn's diary :200-300m (higher dps vs undead mobs) Magic fang :150-250m Serpentine helm :250-350m (mutagen) 750m (both) (Shields / Offhands) Spirit shield :97k Blessed spirit shield :20m Spectral spirit shield :200-300m Arcane spirit shield :450-600m Elysian spirit shield :700-1b Divine spirit shield :1-1.8b Dragonbone spirit shield :2.5-3.5b Dragonfire shield :15-25m Dragonfire ward :100m Dragon kiteshield :150-250m Chaotic kiteshield :50m Eagle-eye kiteshield :50m Farseer kiteshield :50m New Crystal shield :750k malediction ward :30-50m Odium ward :30-50m Twisted buckler :350-500m Mage's book :7m Dragon defender N/P Draconic vissage :10m (footwear) Ranger boots 15m / robin hood hat 3m Dragon boots 3m Infinity boots 2m Wizard boots 1m Ragefire boots (magic) :50m Glaiven boots (range) :60m Steadfast boots (melee) :65m Pegasian boots (range) :300-500m Etenal boots (magic) :200-325m pegasian boots (melee) :350-500m pirate boots (junk) :5k (Jewellery) Amulet of glory (t4) :250k Amulet of glory (t) :150k Amulet of fury :10m Amulet of fury (or) :35m Amulet of ranging :20m Blood necklace :250-325m Arcane stream necklace :150m Amulet of Anguish 300m Amulet of Torture 300m Ring of Suffering 300m Tormented Bracelet 300m Ring of the gods :200m Ring of the gods (i) :250-325m Ring of wealth :10m Treasonous ring :75m Treasonous ring (i) :100m Tyrannical ring 100m Tyrannical ring (i) 125m Berseker ring :10m Berserker ring (i) :20m Archers' ring :10m Archers' ring (i) :10m Seers' ring :7.5m Seers' ring (i) :15m Warrior ring :3m warrior ring (i) :7.5m Ring of life :30k (Other Drops/items) Crystal key 5m crystal key halfs :2.5m Key of blitz,fear,cobra,death :1m Rare treasure key :50m Zulrah scale :15k BloodMoney :100k Stardust :22k Evil tree kindling :22k Dragon Arrow :25k Ice Arrow :5k Dragon hatchet :12m Dragon pickaxe :20m Uncut onyx :15m Cut onyx :5m Baby dragonbones :20k Dragon bones :120k Frost dragon bones :175k Dagannoth bones :170k Please let me know if anything is missed, Thank you.
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