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  1. Hi guys I'm going too be doing a massive hide and seek Sunday November 18th 5pm est tmz. I'll hide then you will guess a number which number you chose will be your reward. I'll see you in game at that time. (CAN ONLY WIN MAXIMUM 2 TIMES) DON'T TRY AND BE SLICK ILL BE CHECKING IPS. Items include Blowpipes Dragon Claws Nex set Arcane Spectral and much more!! Please refer too discord and pm me if you have questions!! See you in game guys!
  2. Loyalty Scape Prices. N/P = No price. P/P = Per Part. Price checker in Game for most items that and not listed on this, As skilling item's mainly. Colour - To - Rarity Common, Rare, Super Rare, Stupidly Rare, legendary. Mixed pvm sets. Trickster (set) :6-8B Vanguard (set) :5.0-6.0b Battle-Mage (set) :6-7b Abyssal -Tri-whip :10b Rares Mystery box :60m Legendary Mystery box :200-300m Donator box :500m Mega Mystery :box : 175m Casket :500-750k Clue Scroll :10m Healer icon :200m Collector icon :200m Attacker icon :200m defender icon :200m Ornate katana :500m Grain :225m Sled :225m Lava santa hat :3b Lime santa hat :2b Black santa hat :4b Pink santa hat :2b Santa hat :200-300m Black H'ween :2-3b Red h'ween :700-1b Blue h'ween :700-900m Green h'ween 650-800m Christmas cracker :3b Disco party hat & black:8b sky blue party hat :4-5b lava Party hat :4-5b pink party hat :4-5b Green party hat :2-3b Purple party hat :2-3b Yellow party hat :2-3B White party hat :3-4b Blue party hat :3-4b Scythe :2b Bunny ears :150m Death cape :500-750m Angrelic wings :125m Butterfly wings :125m Demonic wings :125m Magic secateurs :5m Custom robbin hats :10m Gadderhammer N/P Third-age longsword :500m Third-age cloak :500m Third-age helmet :250m Third-age platebody :250m Third-age platelegs :250m Third-age kiteshield :250m Third-age druidic staff :150m Third-age mage hat :250m Third-age robe top :250m Third-age robe :250m Third-age amulet :250m Third-age range coif :250m Third-age range top :250m Third-age range legs :250m third-age vambraces :150m (Nex Armor sets & Weppon) Torva full helm. :750m Torva platebody :500m Torva platelegs :500m Pernix cowl :700-900m Pernix body :500m Pernix chaps:500m Virtus mask :700m Virtus robe top :500m Virtus robe legs :500m Zaryte bow :2b (God Wars Armor sets & Weapons ) Armadyl crossbow :250-300m Saradomin hilt :200m Saradomin sword :15m Armadyl helm :50m Armadyl platebody :100m Armadyl chainskirt :100m Armadyl hilt :250m Bandos platebody :50m Bandos tassets :75m Bandos boot :5m Bandos hilt :80m Zamorak spear :30m Zamorak hilt :150m Godsword shard 1 2 & 3 :800k Blade : 4m (PVP armors & weppons) Vesta's spear :25m Vesta longsword :200-300m Vesta chainbody 150m (Will be degradable soon) Vesta plateskirt :150m (Will be degradable soon) Zuriel's staff :35m Zuriel's hood :25m (Will be degradable soon) Zuriel's robe Top :40m (Will be degradable soon) Zuriel's robe bottom :40m (Will be degradable soon) Statius's warhammer :40m Statius's full helm :150m (Will be degradable soon) Statius's platebody :25m (Will be degradable soon) Statius's platelegs :25m (Will be degradable soon) Morrigan's coif :50m (Will be degradable soon) Morrigan's leather Body :75m Morrigan's leather Chaps :75m Morrigan's javlins 250k Morrigan's throwing axe 250k (barrows sets ) Ahrim's :25m (10m p/p) Karil's :25m (10m p/p) Verac's :25m (15m p/p) Guthan's :25m (15m p/p) Torag's :20m ( 5m p/p) Dharok's 40m (20m p/p) (Weapons) Abyssal whip :15-20m (Colored Whips)40m Abyssal tentacle whip :80m Abyssal vinewhip :100m Abyssal blugeon :250-300m Abyssal dagger :125-200m Armadyl godsword :250m Bandos godsword :80m Zamorak godsword :140m saradomin godsword :200m Korasi's sword :250-350m Dragon claw :400-600m Drygore longsword :1.5b Drygore mace :1b Drygore rapier :2-3b Dragon warhammer :400-500m Elder maul :700-1b Primal 2h sword :NON Tradable Barrelchest anchor :5m Dragon 2h sword :2m Chaotic long sword :100m Chaotic rapier :250m Chaotic maul :150m Toxic blowpipe :1-1.5b (Magma) 1.9b-2.5b Chaotic crossbow :100-200m Dragon hunter crossbow :300-400m Darkbow :10m (Colored darkbows)30m Hand cannon :50m Light ballista :150m Heavy ballista :300-500m Twisted bow :5b (aka zulrah bow) (hella profit) Master wand :5m Kodai wand :250m (Ancestral Set) 4b Toxic staff of the dead :500m Staff of light (all) :15m Trident of the seas :125-175m Trident of the swamps :300m Chaotic staff :100m Mud battlestaff :250k Tome of frost :200-400m (unlimited water runes) Tarn's diary :200-300m (higher dps vs undead mobs) Magic fang :150-250m Serpentine helm :250-350m (mutagen) 750m (both) (Shields / Offhands) Spirit shield :97k Blessed spirit shield :20m Spectral spirit shield :200-300m Arcane spirit shield :450-600m Elysian spirit shield :700-1b Divine spirit shield :1-1.8b Dragonbone spirit shield :2.5-3.5b Dragonfire shield :15-25m Dragonfire ward :150m Dragon kiteshield :150-250m Chaotic kiteshield :50m Eagle-eye kiteshield :50m Farseer kiteshield :50m New Crystal shield :750k malediction ward :30-50m Odium ward :30-50m Twisted buckler :350-500m Mage's book :7m Dragon defender N/P Draconic vissage :10m (footwear) Ranger boots 15m / robin hood hat 3m Dragon boots 3m Infinity boots 2m Wizard boots 1m Ragefire boots (magic) :50m Glaiven boots (range) :60m Steadfast boots (melee) :65m Pegasian boots (range) :300-500m Etenal boots (magic) :200-325m pegasian boots (melee) :350-500m pirate boots (junk) :5k (Jewellery) Amulet of glory (t4) :250k Amulet of glory (t) :150k Amulet of fury :20m Amulet of fury (or) :50m Amulet of ranging :10m Blood necklace :275m-325m Arcane stream necklace :150m Amulet of Anguish 250m Amulet of Torture 250m Ring of Suffering 200m Tormented Bracelet 200m Ring of the gods :200m Ring of the gods (i) :250-325m Ring of wealth :10m Treasonous ring :75m Treasonous ring (i) :100m Tyrannical ring 100m Tyrannical ring (i) 125m Berseker ring :10m Berserker ring (i) :20m Archers' ring :10m Archers' ring (i) :15m Seers' ring :7.5m Seers' ring (i) :15m Warrior ring :3m warrior ring (i) :7.5m Ring of life :30k (Other Drops/items) Crystal key 5m crystal key halfs :2m Key of blitz,fear,cobra,death :1m Rare treasure key :75m Zulrah scale :15k BloodMoney :100k Stardust :22k Evil tree kindling :22k Dragon Arrow :25k Ice Arrow :5k Dragon hatchet :12m Dragon pickaxe :20m Uncut onyx :15m Cut onyx :5m Baby dragonbones :20k Dragon bones :120k Frost dragon bones :175k Dagannoth bones :170k Please let me know if anything is missed, Thank you.
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