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  2. What's new? Looting Bag! Looting bags are dropped by all wilderness npcs. The rate is between 1/3 and 1/15 depending on the combat level. The exact formula is the same as osrs 1 / floor(1/combat level). You can only have one Looting bag at a time. You can Open/Close the Looting bag. When it is open, the items you pick up will be added to the Looting bag. You can use the deposit option on the Looting bag or use items on the bag to deposit them into the Looting bag. Only tradable items can be put deposited. You can deposit your items inside the Looting bag into your bank. The Looting bag is always destroyed on death in the Wilderness and your items drop on the floor with the rest of your items. Destroy option on the Looting bag. Destroying the Looting bag deletes all its contents as well. Added Sell to General store button in bank. You can toggle it on and sell items directly from your bank to the general store! Added Slayer items to Slayer store. Thanks @Pluto for item ids Added Prospector's gear to stardust store Each piece of prospector's gear gives 10% more mining xp Added Prospector's and Lumberjack outfit to ::iteminfo interface Added Nunchaku and Dual sai to clue scroll rewards Fixes Made Frost dragons non-aggressive Removed Fox from stardust story as it was buggy Fixed being able to sell untradable items to the general store Fixed Ava's accumulator info in ::iteminfo interface Made Yrsa, Barker, and Gabooty shop items count to collection log Fixed some bank hover buttons Adjusted button spacing in bank Fixed Kodai wand and Tomb of Frost spell highlighting Changed Bank Pin button to same style as other buttons Centered "The Bank of LoyaltyScape" Added Dragon Harpoon to Giant mole boss teleport drops Corrected Phoenix drops showing ornament fury instead of regular fury in boss teleports Media
  3. Zexivan edited a massive 58 osrs clue scroll items by editing our normal 634 items and recoloring them. New Clue Items Bronze trimmed armour Bronze gold-trimmed armour Iron trimmed armour Iron gold-trimmed armour Steel trimmed armour Steel gold-trimmed armour Red beret Black trimmed wizard robes Black gold-trimmed wizard robes Monk trimmed robes Monk gold-trimmed robes Leather body and chaps gold-trimmed 5 new headbands Mithril trimmed armour Mithril gold-trimmed armour Pink elegant clothing Gold elegant clothing White, Red, and Navy cavaliers Pink, Purple, and White boaters Black skirt (t) and (g) Adamant skirt (t) and (g) Blessed d'hide boots (6 variants) Blessed d'hide shields (6 variants) All Black heraldic pieces All Adamant heraldic pieces All Rune heraldic pieces Rewards with better look Gilded med helm Gilded sq shield Gilded chainbody Thanks again to Zexivan for recoloring the boaters, headbands, cavaliers, trimmed and gilded monk robes, gilded coif, and gilded vambraces Other news: Fix Herblore cape not noting Lantadyme herbs and others Made Yrsa, Barker, and Gabooty Cosmetic stores available to ironman Fixed issue with buying items with the noted option in shops and not receiving anything Previous Update Summary: New Client - fixed issue with client frame size for higher versions of java like java 11 Special attack energy recovers 5% every 25 ticks (10% every 30 seconds) same as osrs/rs2. It was 20 ticks before. Fix Collection Log tab total amounts double counting items Clue caskets are untradable again Fixed special attack energy not recovering when switching to a weapon without a spec Cleaner code for prayer system Fixed Piety not giving strength bonus Sokoll added some runes and items to Ironman store
  4. -Cosmetic overrides. You can talk to Diango at home and put in equipable items that will show over your actual gear. This can be toggled by talking to Diango or doing ::co. Your actual items will be shown when in combat, in the wilderness or in pvp related scenarios. -Banking cannon parts goes to correct tab in bank when player logs out, ty @smel my fish for reporting -New Resizable solid chat background -Fixed Npc Melee and Ranged maxhits being 10x smaller than usual -Made all npcs retreat if they get too far from their spawn point -Special attack energy shows in red now so it's easier to see -Special attack energy recovery messages now also displays when you gain enough energy to do another special attack, e.g. shows 25% when you have dds equipped and go from 20% to 25%. -Fix invalid gfx freezing client -Add graphic on rare item drop -Fix Free For All bug when player leaves the lobby and wins the ffa before it started -Fix Zenyte amulet stringing -Removed unused client variables -Rewrote item on npc packet -Improved code for bank booths and bankers -Rewrote using items on bankers / bank booths to note/unnote them, works for everyone now, not just ultimate ironman -Fixed a bug with non notable osrs items -When opening client for first time it downloads cache immediately instead of asking you -Item prices in cache for determining the ground item highlighting colors has been fixed. Many items had the prices of different items.
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