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    • This is an ongoing price guide. There are a lot of things that aren't added yet but will be added later on when a better price can be agreed upon. Please check back regularly or ask players in game if you're unsure. All credit for this goes to Moderator Panda and Vext. Weapons: Drygore Longsword- 750m-1B Drygore Mace- 650m-900m Drygore Rapier- 900m-1.25B Drygore Godsword- 4B-5B Blowpipe- 900-1.2B Dragon Warhammer- 250m-300m Zaryte Bow- 1.75B-2B Dragon Claws- 200m-250m Korasi Sword- 200-250m Dragon Hunter Crossbow- 750m-1B Trident of the seas- 100M Toxic Staff of the dead- 400M Toxic Trident- 400M Ornate Katana- 1.25B-1.5B Chaotic Rapier- 100m Chaotic Longsword- 75m Chaotic Maul- 75m Chaotic Staff- 60m Chaotic Crossbow- 100m Abyssal Whip- 15m-20m Granite Maul- 5m-10m Crystal Bow- 5m-10m Master Wand- 10m-20m Dark Bow- 10m-20m Kodai Wand- 1b-1.25b Twisted Bow- 4B-5B Abyssal Dagger- 300m-400m Abyssal Bludgeon- 300m-400m Primal 2h- 2.5B-3B Hand Cannon- 100m-200m Staff Of Light- 20m-40m Abyssal Tent- 30m-50m Elder Maul- 750m-1b Hammer of Rage- 200m-400m Knockout Scythe- 200m-400m Zamorak Godbow- 1.5B-2B Guthix Godbow- 750m-1B Saradomin Godbow- 750m-1B Heavy Ballista- 250m-300m Light Ballista- 100m Tri Whip- 5B-6B Abyssal Vine Whip- 100m-150m   Shields: Dragon Kiteshield- 75m-100m Dragonfire Shield- 25m-50m Divine SS- 1B-1.25B Elysian SS- 750m-1B Arcane SS- 750m-1B Spectral SS- 600m-700m Dragonbone SS- 1.25B-1.75B Twisted Buckler- 100-200m Dragonfire Ward- 100-200m Avernic Defender- 800m-1B Malediction Ward- 40m-60m Odium Ward- 40-60m Barrows: Guthan's: Helm- 10m Body- 10m Legs- 15m Warspear- 15m D'harok's: Helm- 25m Body- 25 Legs- 25m Axe- 25m Verac's: Helm- 10m Body- 10m Legs- 10m Flail- 10m Karil's: Helm- 5m Body- 20m Legs- 15m Bow- 10m Ahrim's: Helm- 10m Body- 20m Legs- 20m Staff- 10m PVP Items: Statius: Helm- 90m-125m Body- 90m-125m Legs- 90-125m Warhammer- 50m Vesta's: Body- 125m-175m Legs- 125m-175m Longsword- 50m Warspear- 45m Morrigan's: Helm- 75m-100m Body- 100m-140m Legs- 100m-140m Javelins: General store price Throwing axes: General store price Zuriels: Helm- 30m-50m Body- 30m-50m Legs- 30m-50m Staff: 30m-40m Godwars Items: Armadyl: Helm- 30m-50m Body- 50m-75m Legs- 50m-75m Crossbow- 300m Godsword: 150m-200m Bandos: Body- 50m-75m Legs- 50m-75m Boots- 5m-15m Godsword- 50m-75m Zamorak: Spear- 15m Hasta- 30m Staff of the dead- 100m-125m Saradomin: Saradomin Sword: 5m Saradomin's tear: 10m   Rares:   Scythe- 1B-1.25B Christmas Cracker- 5.75B-6.5B Red Phat- 5B-5.5B Blue Phat- 5B-5.5B White Phat- 5B-5.5B Green Phat- 4B-4.5B Purple Phat- 4B-4.5B Yellow Phat- 4B-4.5B Disco Phat- 10B SkyBlue Phat- 5.5b-6B Lava Phat- 5.5b-6B Green H'ween- 1B-1.25B Blue H'ween- 1B-1.25B Red H'ween- 1B-1.25B Black H'ween- 2.25B-3B Santa Hat- 1B-1.25B Custom Santa Hat- 5.5B-6B Pink Santa Hat- 4.5B-5B Black Santa Hat- 4.5B-5B Lime Santa Hat- 4.5B-5B Lava Santa Hat- 4.5B-5B Sled- 500m-1b Grain- 500m-1b Attacker Level 5- 250m-500m Defender Level 5- 250m-500m Healer Level 5- 250m-500m Collector Level 5- 250m-500m Mask of REE- 350m-750m        
    • Will back at it again with this amazing guide! Well done man.
    • Clue Scroll Locations:   Dig somewhere between Ahrim and Karil:   Dig somewhere near some Chickens:   Dig somewhere near the Duel Arena tele:   Dig near the tele to get Chaotics:   Dig in the area you might see Fisherman:   Dig where players plant flowers:   Dig somewhere in the Edgeville bank:   Dig somewhere at Home 2:   Dig near the King of Dragons:   Dig near the Mining Guild teleport:   Dig near the fourth minigame teleport:   Dig in the cave of the Giant Bird:   Dig near one of the Slayer Masters:   Dig near the first few Crawling Hands:   Clue Rewards:          
    • Socky coming in hot! great guide.
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